Welcome to the second annual Renegades Fantasy Sports NRL Fantasy Prospectus. Some people like to spend their summers at the beach in the sun and drinking beer. I like to spend my summers in front of my laptop looking at spreadsheets and writing. That’s pretty much all you need to know about the passion behind this prospectus.


 It goes without saying but I love NRL Fantasy. I’ve played Fantasy sports since the late 90’s and there’s no form of fantasy I get more enjoyment from. NRL Fantasy brings together a lot of strategic elements like trade limitations and performance driven price changes with the simpler pleasure of watching rugby league. And because at its heart league is a pretty simple sport the statistics are easy to capture and relate to as we watch a game.


 I also enjoy trying to gain a deeper and different understanding to sports and statistics is a great way to do this. Considering NRL Fantasy is basically just collections of statistics analysing them gives me a lot of insight into not just how players might perform for fantasy but also how teams’ strategies can vary. You’ll find some things in this prospectus that has very little to do with NRL Fantasy but I hope they are still interesting.


 In this year’s prospectus you’ll find profiles of over 500 players. You’ll find lists of cash cows, busts and undervalued players. You’ll find information on fantasy strategies and some fantasy history. I’m constantly learning new things about the NRL and NRL Fantasy and there were probably just as many things I was wrong about in last year’s prospectus as things I was right about, that will be no different this year. But the key thing is helping people find their NRL Fantasy process, an understanding or way of approaching the game that helps make them more successful. My way might not work for everyone but talking and thinking about Fantasy is always beneficial. I’d be pretty disappointed if there wasn’t something in here that would be beneficial from the RFS Bosses all the way down to the fantasy rookies.


 Thanks to Joel Huey who helped me write the Prospectus last year, lots of the articles and ideas in that have been re-purposed and I’m always bouncing ideas of Joel. Thanks also to Tim Ross who provided the cover graphics, this year and last year.


 Good luck, and have fun.


 Steve Nicholls