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Thursday, 24 September 2015 10:00

SFP NRL Finals Week 3: Pivot Point

AT first glance James Maloney looks the obvious, standout selection at 5/8th this weekend…but fantasy glory and riches are not won with first glances! They are won by coaches who consider all options, plot every angle, and ultimately do what is best for the team as a whole, not the individual player.

Anthony Milford ($610,000)

The Milf has scored 193 points from his last five games. His impressive 39 point average is quite misleading though, given 126 of those points came from just two of those five games. The Broncos pivot has almost been priced out of this week’s challenges being $100k more expensive than the next dearest 5/8th in Morgan. His last two games of 25 and 27.6 are not returns coaches will expect when shelling out over $600k. But given these factors, Milford could become the ultimate Point of Difference (POD) for coaches brave (silly) enough to pay the money for him.

Michael Morgan ($510,000)

Forget his form before the superb 43.9 against the Sharks in Townsville last Saturday. He was injured against Brisbane and lacking the confidence to put his foot down. Due to the danger the Cowboys left side poses Morgan invariably gets way more space and time than he should on sweeping left to right plays. When he is on his game this extra time almost always leads to points. And by Joey he looked on last Saturday. Very ominous signs for Blake Green and youngster Kurt Mann – if they have poor games in defence Morgan will clear 50 in Melbourne.

James Maloney ($461,000)

Averaging exactly 30 points in his last six weeks of footy. Super consistent and that is pretty much what coaches can expect from him in Brisbane. I just can’t see the Broncos conceding more than 3-4 tries so while Maloney’s goal-kicking points won’t be huge, you can bank 4-8pts from them. His 8 runs and 10 tackles last Friday is a good base to work with though, means he needs just one or two try involvements to clear his 30pts. But the biggest boon for Maloney fanciers is his price tag. $461k for an attacking, goal-kicking half….sure to be the popular choice.

Blake Green ($160,000)

Bringing up the rear here in this positional analysis but will be a consideration for coaches based on price alone. Green is the ONLY starting player priced under 200k so he really does offer coaches a one-stop option for easing cap pressure. His five game average of just 19 points won’t appeal at all, but given all three of his peers are all likely to score around the 30 point mark, some coaches may opt to bank some cash by taking Green and spend the big dollars on positions where there is likely to be a greater differential.

Score Predictions

Morgan – 40pts

Maloney – 31pts

Milford – 23pts

Green – 19pts


Really bullish about Morgan this weekend. Maloney is obviously the safe/smart option based off averages and price, but something about how Morgan took the line on last week really makes me think he will have a night out against the inexperience of Green and Mann. His speed will be even more of an asset should Harris get pushed to the centres to cover a backline injury.

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The Wizard


Thursday, 24 September 2015 10:00

SFP NRL Championships: Week Three

WHAT a weekend of semi-final fantasy footy! While those coaches that selected any of the Sharks backline in their teams complete their search for fragments of shattered remote control, the rest of the fantasy fraternity looks forwards to what will undoubtedly be two of the best games of fantasy NRL of 2015!

Alive or kicking-in?

Did you make the cut? Are you still alive in the champs? Or do you need to dip into the team’s off-season beer fund to get yourself back into the running for the title of inaugural NRL Fantasy Champion?

Whatever position you find yourself in worry not, when the Champs re-open on Wednesday at midday coaches who did not make the cut will be able to buy back in for $10.

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Week two Qualifiers

A big congratulations to the 37 coaches who qualified for Week 3!



Last week to qualify!

Remember coach, if you are not one of the unbelievably talented (or just tin-ass lucky) coaches above then this week is your last chance to qualify for the inaugural 2015 SFP NRL Championships.

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Monday, 21 September 2015 10:00

SFP Points - Finals Week 2

Most coaches know exactly how well (or poorly) the players in their teams performed over the weekend…but what about the players that you didn’t pick?

Find out where your team could have improved and start that all-important fantasy research early with a look at Sports Fantasy Pro’s Overall Player Fantasy Points Finals (Week Two) album.

Roosters v Bulldogs

Top 5 players in this Challenge were all Chooks, with SKD notching up a massive score of 56 fantasy points to finish on top.

Finals - SYD v BUL

Cowboys v Sharks

The Cowboys halves finished 1-2 in this Challenge with Thurston (48.9 taking the top honours over Morgan (43.9). Of the top 13 players only Fifita (4th) and Gallen (6th) were Sharks players!



Friday, 18 September 2015 10:00

Sports Fantasy Pro: Semi Finals Invitation

Semi-final fantasy footy has arrived! Whether you are a rookie coach about to embark on your first game of fantasy footy, or a seasoned grey-beard of the fantasy coaching fraternity, Sports Fantasy Pro has got your covered with a host of FREE and Pay-to-Play Challenges all with huge minimum guaranteed prize pool’s.

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It all starts on Friday night with the Roosters taking on the Bulldogs in Sydney, then we head north to Townsville as the Cowboys host the Sharks in Saturday night footy. Whether your a Weekly Challenge coach or you enjoy the Single Challenges more, you can find what you need by visiting or by clicking the Challenge links below to go straight into the team selection pages.

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Good luck coach!

Thursday, 17 September 2015 10:00

SFP NRL Fantasy Footy Shorts - Finals Week 2

ARE annoying distractions such as work and family impacting on your comprehensive fantasy research time?  With Fantasy Footy Shorts coaches can get the short, sharp and simple fantasy form while still keeping the ‘board and sponsors’ happy.

First Picked

Johnathan Thurston ($478,000): If Ethan Lowe doesn’t knock on over the line JT would have cleared 50 against the Broncos and won the Cowboys the week off. If Cooper doesn’t stumble after his hit and spin, or if Morgan shows and goes instead of trying to find his outside men, the Cowboys halfback could have racked up 60+. The guy is the attacking fulcrum in a team that can play unstoppable attacking footy. Pay the money, give him the kicking duties and enjoy watching this man work his fantasy magic.

One to Watch

Sio Siua Taukeiaho ($330,000): Was Taukeiaho’s 38.8 against the Storm a flash in the pan or a sign of his arrival as a fantasy gun? Form would suggest the former given his five games prior to last Friday night returned an average of just 20.1pts. But there are arguments for the latter as well – an inspired bust, linebreak and try play right through the meat of the Storm defence will have given the kid no end of confidence, and with Matagi dropped for Pearce’s return, Taukeiaho may see an increase in minutes especially if Pearce succumbs early to his injury. Certainly has Eastwood’s measure in the Single Challenges but Tauk’ (I refuse to keep spelling it all, it’s hard and there are too many vowels) could be the ultimate point of difference selection for Weekly Challenge players seeking to bet against Gallen.

Must have

Paul Gallen ($483,000): 23 runs and 18 tackles – that’s all you really need to know. Will clear 30 before popping a ball or busting a tackle. With Eastwood, Taukeiaho and Taumalolo all playing limited minutes at lock for their respective teams, Gallen looms as the easiest selection decision coaches will have this weekend.

Most Likely to go Large

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ($553,000): Just the 31.3 points last Friday against the Storm for Roger. I say ‘just’ because while anything over 30 is to be considered very solid for most players, RTS has amassed an incredible 285.8 points in the last month and half of footy. Yes, for those who just went to their Iphone calculator, that is a 47.6pt six-game average! Was well contained by the Storm kicking game but that will not happen this week. The Dogs fifth tackle options range from pretty bad to downright deplorable lately. Expect Tuivasa-Sheck to tear them apart.

False Economy

Josh Morris ($419,000): 32.4 points against the Dragons in Week 1 of the finals was solid form and has resulted in Morris’ price tag staying nice and high. Too high. The Origin centre is up against Blake Ferguson this week. Will get nothing and go nowhere. Save some cap and spend it where it matters, not on over-priced backs.

Approach with caution

Jack Bird ($393,000): This game could take Jack Bird from promising rookie who has played very very well in 2015, to fast-tracked legend-in-the-making. And he will know it. Will be very interesting to see how the youngster handles the cauldron of Townsville, something tells me he won’t be scoring solo tries from the 40m line with a simple turn of pace, fend and step against the Cowboys. Expect to see some nerves and an (at best) mid 20’s score from the youngster in this one.

Best of the Bench

Andrew Fifita ($623,000): Fifita’s back spasms in the warm-up to last Sunday’s elimination final against Souths cruelled many a coaches’ team. Despite his reduced minutes Fifita still returned a solid 27 points. But his price tag (and fantasy potential) come with greater expectations. Assuming his back is 100% expect the big Shark to get 50-60mins from the bench and clear 35pts. Absolutely worth the cash.

The Wizard

The Wizard comes to RFS courtesy of Sports Fantasy Pro

Thursday, 17 September 2015 10:00

SFP NRL Finals Week Two: Which rake do you take?

Michael Ennis ($333,000)        Jake Friend ($313,000)

Jake Granville ($244,000)       Damien Cook ($449,000)

We start with the most expensive option in young Damien Cook and while many coaches will be turned off by his price tag, they would do well to note that his 31.1 against the Dragons last Saturday afternoon didn’t include any line breaks or offensive assist stats whatsoever.

Pretty solid points base to work from, if he can find a lazy Rosters forward and go for a scoot or two and find a support runner, that 31 turns into mid 40’s very quickly.

Going down in price we come to the in-form, ultra-experienced Michael Ennis who has almost single-handedly carried the Sharks attack over the last two months.

There are a few worries though for coaches, despite his decent return of 32.5pts against the Bunnies, his base stats were poor.

Just 30 tackles along with four missed with two penalties (stock standard for Ennis) are not stats that jump off the page.

He only ran three times in 80 minutes last Sunday, and frankly his two try assists helped pad what would have otherwise been a very poor score considering the Sharks dominated the Rabbitohs.

Coaches taking Ennis are effectively backing him to bank at least two try assists which in Townsville against a desperate Cowboys side is a gutsy (silly) call at best.

Jake Friend comes in just under Ennis in price. He has been very consistent and has the advantage of being able to be relied on for high work rate (39 tackles against the Storm in 65mins) as well as offensive cream such as line break and try assists.

The deterrent for Friend fanciers though is the return of Pearce and the likelihood that Hastings and/or Aubusson will take 15-20 of Friend’s minutes.

Last but certainly not least we come to the youngster Jake Granville.

A lowly 17.1pts against the Broncos has seen a dramatic price drop (plunge).

The speed of the game really hurt Granville last week, and it was all he could do to keep pace let alone scoot and break the line with his prodigious speed.

But he will be better for the run and absolutely burning for redemption as it was his defensive lapse that gave Hunt his try last week.

29 tackles and six runs (51m) is solid but no offensive stats whatsoever shows coaches what happens when a 50-minute hooker is contained defensively.

Granville is easily the biggest risk/reward prospect here, but at home against an big, old (albeit experienced) Sharks pack coaches may just be in for a sublime 50 minutes of fantasy footy from the young kid.

Score Predictions

Cook: 32pts

Ennis: 22pts

Friend: 27pts

Granville: 39pts


If coaches can afford the price tag Cook has shown over the last month that he can clear 30 before breaking a line which in finals is very hard to turn down.

But at $244k Granville not only looks worth the risk but will free up valuable cap for other premium selections.

The Wizard

The Wizard comes to RFS courtesy of Sports Fantasy Pro


Thursday, 17 September 2015 10:00

SFP NRL Finals Preview - Week Two

FOUR teams, two games, one monster fantasy headache! From fullback to front row and everywhere in between, Week Two of the 2015 fantasy footy finals presents a plethora of coaching conundrums in each and every position…

If Week One of the fantasy finals reinforced anything it is that in the cauldron of high-intensity finals it is the players with the high work rates that invariably score highest.

This may sound like common sense but during the regular season it is seldom the case.

So why is finals footy strategy so different?

Well it is simple – finals are all about defence.

Offensive stats like line breaks, tries and to a lesser extent tackle busts and offloads dry up around finals because defences get tighter, stick tackles more often and in general concede less points.

For fantasy coaches this means two things.

Firstly, the three quarter line selections are far more of a luck box than during regular season games when certain teams can be relied on to flog certain other teams.

Selecting backline players on try-scoring or offensive potential is folly at this time of year.

A far better strategy is to make selections based on pure hit up and tackle work rate.

Price is a massive factor here.

Before sticking with a backline selection ask yourself what that player is likely to post on a bad day when all they do is come close to their average hitup/tackle stats.

The second big factor in fantasy finals is realising that for the forwards almost the exact opposite is true.

Minutes and work rate matter big time come finals. Selecting a pack that works hard and play big minutes is half the battle this time of year, no matter the cost.

The Wizard

The Wizard comes to RFS courtesy of Sports Fantasy Pro

Tuesday, 15 September 2015 10:00

SFP NRL Fantasy Championships

AN absolutely brutal first weekend of fantasy finals has seen a plethora of 2015 SFP NRL Championships title favourites miss the Week 1 cut line (93) after several proven fantasy superstars failed to deliver decent points for coaches.

Alive or kicking-in?

Did you make the cut? Are you still alive in the champs? Or do you need to dip into the team’s off-season beer fund to get yourself back into the running for the title of inaugural NRL Fantasy Champion?
Whatever position you find yourself in worry not, when the Champs re-open on Wednesday at midday coaches who did not make the cut will be able to buy back in for $5.
To find out more about how the Championships work and how to join in CLICK HERE.


 Week One Qualifiers

A big congratulations to the Top 10 finishers from Week 1.



Come on renegades, only one representative in the top10! lets show them who the true fantasy bosses are. If you haven't already add the RNGD tag to your name so they know that we ARE fantasy kings.

Full list (in order 1-93) of successful Week 1 coaches;

  1. Pestyhunter
  2. kennybirdman
  3. Cosmic Penguins
  4. RNGD Ross
  5. NHC crusader
  6. Dv091
  7. BunchofMaroons
  8. jpotts91
  9. nippa81
  10. Radius1977
  11. SenSei
  12. Kahuna
  13. fiiish
  14. dj_rath
  15. RNGD T5 Triads
  16. NHC Dizmo
  17. abruzzi804
  18. Bilko007
  19. Keyser Soze
  20. Geerthy
  21. Dlew05
  22. Lachstar5
  23. Hoopdreamz
  24. Johnnysox
  25. fincho
  26. dean.kerrison
  27. RNGD Tim
  28. Maestro
  29. pipes
  30. Dieharder
  31. artvandelay123
  32. Dwayn0
  33. tOp Of ThE tAbLe
  34. Halestorm
  35. kiwicanuck177
  36. PetesPunishers
  37. Alphens88
  38. Titans07
  39. Benhepburn
  40. RNGD Barking Ghecko
  41. darilyn
  42. Plonkers
  43. Obit11
  44. nick hart
  45. lucasd151
  46. AnetaC
  47. DragonBill
  48. RNGD Ryan-Kampf
  49. NHC Mrs What
  50. Riley93thomas
  51. barty1961
  52. RNGD Cbiscuit
  53. thacres104
  54. tingster1
  55. Loga2201
  56. Johnr2d2
  57. lozzag
  58. t_seeto
  59. Swampduck
  60. Hunter
  61. Winner
  62. Theraceison
  63. kenno76
  64. nadanator
  65. RP21
  66. RNGD Katamelie
  67. Uncle Benny
  68. Hungrimatt
  69. cavalier666
  70. zebbie
  71. NHC Slippery
  72. jongid
  73. Alexis
  74. RNGD-PHILL94
  75. Underdogs
  76. Sharkies
  77. Qldian
  78. Brendo
  79. RNGD Mully
  80. rorters
  81. RNGD Kient
  82. NHC Franny
  83. RNGD Gorillaz
  84. Rumpid Raiders
  85. brunoc64
  86. RNGD Phoenician
  87. Selvaggio
  88. nads78a
  89. mooy33
  90. bevan
  91. Black Magic
  92. Prancer
  93. professorPeteSpace

According to the Chinese calendar, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep.

If you believe in superstition, coincidence or even fate, the Chinese calendar might explain why the Kiwis won the only Rugby League test to be played this year. Ironically, at the same venue the 2006 test was played. The losing sides in both 2006 and 2015 only scored 12 points.

Enough of that though, let me explain why any Bronco fan would be getting a bit excited if they believe in coincidence. Let us take a trip through memory lane all the way back to the NRL season of 2006.

In 2006 the Broncos started the season with an absolute smashing handed to them by the boys up north, the Cowboys. 36-4 was the score line on a Sunday afternoon at Suncorp Stadium. The only try coming to the Broncos that afternoon was through the hands of a younger Justin Hodges, as he ran towards the try line with ball out in front. He straightened up and delivered a pass that found a very young Darius Boyd on the chest, scoring in the 63rd Minute.

With a smashing in the first round I’m sure everyone thought (me included) “well here comes a long season for the Broncos faithful”.

Round 13 of 2006 comes around the Broncos sit top of the table. In this same year, a few other important things happened.

Darren Lockyer scoops up a wayward pass to score a try in the State of Origin decider that takes the State of Origin shield off the holders in NSW.  Lockyer also received the Wally Lewis medal for the player of the series.

Broncos in 2006 managed to go all the way to win the NRL Grand Final. They sent out a much loved club champion in Shane Webcke as a retiring Premiership winner.

So, fast forward 9 Years to 2015. Make sure you are sitting down.

2015; Round 1 Suncorp Stadium, the Broncos start the season with an absolute smashing. Rabbitohs piled on, you guessed it, 36 points. The Broncos only managed 1 try, and amazingly, it came from the hands of a much older Justin Hodges as he lined up the defence and drew them in for a final pass to go to Gillett who scored in the corner in the 53rd minute. Who else thought we would be in for a long season?

Rd 13 comes along of the 2015 season the Broncos have found form and are sitting on the top of the table.

Have you got my drift yet?

State of Origin comes around and after the Maroons had lost the series the year before, the Blues were current holders of the shield. In the decider the Maroons smash the Blues in game 3 to win the Series and get the shield back. But wait, another Bronco in Corey Parker takes home the Wally Lewis Medal.

We now sit at the business end of the season. Broncos atop the Ladder, as Justin Hodges’ future lays balanced in the air with rumours becoming thicker that he will retire at years end.

Can the Broncos replay history in an eerie way and send out another much loved player into retirement with a Premiership?

Only time will tell.

Written by Scott Rub (MAD BRONCOS SUPPORTER)

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