Taking a Screenshot & Sharing Your Team

24 February 2014
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Sharing your team with others online is useful to get feedback and suggestions. However, if you take a bad screenshot, you’ll probably find that most people will just give you shit about your screenshot, rather than help.

Another important tip is to give people some background (H2H or Overall, and trade ideas you had). No one likes a leech.

Finally, don’t spam.

Common mistakes include -

* Posting the entire screenshot, rather than cropping to include just the screen. Remember to not crop out the number of remaining trades and salary cap. This info can help people help you.

* Trying to crop to just the image, but actually just erasing the unnecessary space, leaving a massive white border around your team.

* Taking a blurry photo of your team with a smart phone.

* Posting a team up every day, asking for help. Spamming will just lead to abuse.

Here are some helpful screenshot guides.




And, here’s how you crop.


Mobile devices:


Once you have the photo, share it!

Important: If you can’t work out how to do this, just type your team out (in an easy to follow format).

- The Defensive Centre

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