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Saturday, 22 July 2017 00:00

What we learnt: Panthers v Titans

What we learnt:  Panthers v Titans



The Titans skipper pulls out a great 67* point effort in a loss at the foot of the mountain. K5 getting another great one here, could be a POD option for everybody needing to trade Surgess if the rib rumours are true.

Cleary the Answer.

The difference in this young guns game when Moylan isn't playing with him is immense. Scraped up a 49* today, most of the points came late once Moylan was forced from the field with injury. Everybody cross their fingers that Moylan may get a rest next week. 

Resetters Rejoice!

Plenty of value buys coming up with points today for those guys starting their Reset teams this week.
Waqa Blake 60*, Morgan Boyle 54*, Max King 38*

How disappointing is the Mansourcoaster?!

After a blistering late start to the season Josh Mansour has not returned a score over 40 in the last month. Probably a luxury trade at this time of the season with players dropping like flies and of course since he's a WFB his scores can fluctuate easily. 23* today 

F*ckin Fullbacks!

Hayne and Edwards brought home scores of 35* and 38* respectively and both went down at different times in the game clutching body parts to keep their owners stressing. These guys both had a couple of half breaks that could've really turned into big scores! Both have favorable matchups next round let's hope they turn it around.

Friday, 21 July 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Sharks vs Rabbitohs

Sharks put the Rabbits back in their Sh*tty burrow.
By The Big Tree

Oh Crikey!

Sorry for ever doubting you oh Fantasy god Angus Crichton! Playing through his apparent foot fracture Crikey pumps out a beastly 86* to appease all his wary owners. A few sells this week, let's hope those coaches know what they're doing. 

No sign of Gal slowing down! 

Still powered by peptides? Gallen tops the metres gained column once again, not quite enough extras such as OLs and TBs to return another gun score. How does the old bull keep doing it?! 49* will have to do this week.

Sammy Boyle is running dry.

38* why oh why! Midweek Facebook group speculation that Sam Burgess was carrying a neck injury likened to that of his Pommy counterpart James Graham had a few worried. Whether this be true or absolutely horrifying scenes in the 74th minute as Surgess leaves the field with what looks like rib cartilage issues. Those Zero Traders won't sleep well. 

Fui/Scott Saga - Advantage Gamblers

Another storyline all week has been whether to run Fuimaono at CTR, or gamble on Scott being a late call up and risk an AE. A paltry 24* from Fuimaono tonight leaves the advantage with the gamblers as we saw CMat score 29 who a lot were saying could be their AE should Scott not make the 17. We wait. 

Flatline Fifita.

With a monstrous 36 in his first stint Fifita owners were salivating at the prospect of him coming back and ripping in. In the 2nd half we witness a classic case of what goes up must come down as he manages a gross 11 in his second. 47*. 

Oh, and, Reynolds played well for a guy with a broken thumb....

Friday, 21 July 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Roosters vs Knights

Roosters have a field night out!
By Big Tree

Barnstorming Barnett

Young Mitchell Barnett proving again that he has serious fantasy pedigree. A solid 50 in 63 minutes taking his average to 54 over the past 4 weeks. Knights will have a much stronger side next year could definitely be one to look at. Reset teams may be looking right now!

Watson assumes the position

With a shaky start at fullback Watson fought his way back into this match with a respectable 59*. Seems to have perfected the fine art of the "touch the defender tackle break" as he skims across the field touching as many as he can. For 248k some brave people could be onto something, a must for 'Reset' teams.

Roosters unearth a mythical local junior.

Now if only it was Round 1, and Jake Friends broken hand was caused in a bar fight we might have a fantasy cracker. Victor Radley, a Roosters Junior, yes they exist, has churned out 34* points in 68 mins, not the best but against a better side he'd be bound to make a lot more tackles. 

Pearce fights back late

After being one of the biggest questions on everybody's lips once the injury to SJ struck, Pearce has repaid the faith to all those who took the plunge. (except Laurie Daley). 60* points tonight let's hope he's gearing up for a solid run home. 

Black Widow survives the shift.

Despite making another move into the backline to cover Joey Manu, Aubusson has delivered a satisfactory 39* as he tries his best to shake the Black Widow tag in 2017, not the worst option if you want a "gun" centre.

Filthy match.

Sunday, 16 July 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Rabbitohs vs Cowboys

South Sydney sold out for the cash to host the Cowboys again at one of their "home away from homes" in Cairns. North Queensland won quite comfortably in the end, as a result of being able to hold onto the football which was something that came as quite a challenge to the men in Cardinal and Myrtle. 

Big Jase gets its done 

Owners of the Cowboys lock hit the #JasePot as the big Kiwi climbed to a score of 65* thanks to a pretty simple try to lead all scorers and post a decent captain score. With an average above 60, Taumololo does offer an alternative captain for coaches who have opted not to finish the season with Cameron Smith in the squad –albeit he is prone to the odd low score due to fluctuating minutes.

Risky Running Halves 

Michael Morgan showed the risk of punting for a running half as he finished on 24*, a stark contrast to some of the impressive totals he's amassed in previous games. Coaches looking to replace the injured SJ may look at the Origin hero but today's game is a warning that he will be rocks and diamonds. 

Sayonara Surgess? 

Owners of the Enigmatic Englishman would be scratching their heads as to what has happened to the only fantasy relevant Burgess brother Sam who has spent some lengthy stints defending out on the edge. He posted a subpar score of 41* and will see his value decrease to around $500k; although with most coaches running low on trades he's probably not worth selling. 

Consistent Crichton 

Everyone's favourite fantasy back-rower has been the source of conjecture of the past couple of weeks; having been spotted in a moonboot at a fan day last week. Angus cemented his status amongst fantasy fieds by responding to a plethora of Instagram DMs assuring the masses he was good to go; and he looked the part as he powered to 64* despite only being on 19 at HT. One point of interest is he did finish with his left foot heavily strapped over the boot – cause for concern? 

*All scores are pre-updates and were accurate at the time of publication

Sunday, 16 July 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Sea Eagles vs Tigers

Eagle Rock!

Cherry on Top!!

Has taken his origin snubbing in his stride as he continues to navigate his Twin Turbo team confidently in the top 4. Another beautiful performance today, 76*, taking it to an average of 63.5 over the last month has him as a viable option for those SJ owners looking for a good trade in.

100 for Martin Taupau

100 games that is, a paltry 43* for him in the game today, certainly not performing at the level he was a month ago, with all the carnage this weekend I feel like a trade out would be a luxury at this stage.

Aaron emerges from the Woods.

With not too many great options at FRF an old boss has stepped up to the plate, averaging 56 over the last 6 weeks playing extended minutes he is back to his fantasy best. Buyer beware, the Tigers are shit and he's on the way out of the club in a few months.

Tommy T!

Donning a black headband the young pup put in another brilliant performance at Lottoland, if you've expensive taste in the back line this could be your guy with Manly looking as exciting as ever. 60* today and a 54 average over the last month.

Tiger Cubs.

Young props Twal and Eisenhuth have been quite good for the Tigers this year, something for fans to hold onto going into next season. Averaging 45 and 38 respectively these guys are busy and can play.

Quiet Teddy.

48* for Teddy in a quiet performance from him, could be another to look at for those chasing points and needing to trade SJ, a lot would have Munster or Walker in the WFB area to facilitate this.

*Scores do not include updates.

Saturday, 01 July 2017 00:00

What we learnt: Raiders v Cowboys

Raiders demolished at home.

1. Negatives!!

When the biggest talking point from the match is the temperature, you know it's a real bludger. A game that we would've expected to be deciding Top 4 spots is more likely to be deciding if these teams still have a season ahead of them.

2. Rubbish Raiders

Already going into this game (& season) without a single half in the side, they've had to front up against the Cowboys without their spiritual leader Josh Hodgson, leaving the Raiders with less creative skills than a Rugby League Game Developer. Only a matter of time before Ricky's coaching ability comes under scrutiny in the Rugby League community.

3. No JT, No Problem

2 matches since JT declared his season was officially over and 2 wins to the Cowboys. Michael Morgan remains star of the show while leading around a new halves partner in Te Maire Martin*

*We still aren't sure if TMM has signed a contract to play in NQ or if he's on some kind of Wife Swap TV show.

4. Michael Fantasy Gun Morgan

Need a discount half for the run home? Need to make up some points in the back half of the season? Michael Morgan could be your guy! Averaging a very handsome 55 in games without JT this year, it could be worth a roll of the dice.

5. The curse of JT.

First Jonathan Thurston goes down in origin. Second James Tedesco misses back to back matches and in doubt for origin. And to complete the holy trinity, the highest averaging player in fantasy Jason Taumalolo has a stinker with 37 points although a longer break than usual too. Should we panic?

Saturday, 01 July 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Sea Eagles vs Warriors

Manly mow down weak Warriors.

1. SBW

Stupid. Bloody. Warriors. Only one team I know could be up 16-0 at the 18th minute and lose. New Zealand, maybe they'll blame the 5343km trip to Perth, maybe they'll blame the weather. But the facts are this club lets their fans down on the regular so we don't need an explanation. 

2. Manly the real deal?

Manly have slotted themselves into 3rd place with this win today and led by captain and Origin hopeful DCE they are looking red hot, excuse the 18 minute late start to this match (they are playing in Perth) but this team was tipped to finish bottom 4 and that is certainly not looking like happening.

3. Trent Barrett let's chat...

Martin Taupau, the 550k DPP forward with no byes left. 5 round average of 63.8... all owners excited and salivating at the thoughts of him running right through the middle of this powderpuff warrior pack. Then, Barrett goes in dry and benches him at the 19th minute not to return until the 55th before leaving the field again, does he not enjoy the wet track or is there an injury we aren't aware of. 

4. Lewis Brown!!!

Lewis gets a pass mark with a respectable 29 in the wet in his first start of the season. Good cash out option that will help you in R18 and can ever fill in at CTR for you for the run home, with Curtis Sironen not due back until finals time. Shows that you can't learn everything about fantasy reading a spreadsheet on the lounge. 

5. SJ reigns supreme.

He may come under constant criticism by fans and commentators for going missing during games (and seasons), but his high energy hot and cold style certainly suits NRL fantasy, because when he's hot, he's hot. 84 points today outstanding!!

Saturday, 01 July 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Roosters vs Sharks

Sneaky Sharks destroy Rascally Roosters 

1. Sharks win battle of the heavyweights. 

With today likely being a preview of a match you'll see deep into September, Cronulla have made a statement and given us something to look forward to. James Maloney and Mitchell Pearce putting in typical origin performances was a key factor in the Sharkies getting the points today. 

2. K5 grabs another beast.

Jake Friend has now scored 82, 70, 67 and 56, since the origin period started (if you leave out his HIA 0). Proving once again if K5 is blowing smoke, there is usually fire. Definitely one to watch with McInnes and McCullough not living up to earlier season hopes. Notching up 65 tackles today, with 50 of them coming in the first 50 minutes.

3. Ryan Matterson - Fluke or For Real?

Ryan Matterson could be pushing to secure an edge second row spot for 2018 when Aiden Guerra departs the club. With a few starts during the origin period he has shown he has fantasy pedigree and is keen to show us. Averaging 57 over the last 3 weeks; starting and scoring 79 today, albeit attacking stats assisted with his mid 30s average could see him as a well priced pick up next season. 

4. Fifita was a trade through origin. 

This has been discussed at lengths over the past couple months and it looks like the points are with the TRADE camp. With another lacklustre score of 45 today, pairing with his other scores of 45 and 43 since origin started, your 550k+ could've definitely been better invested in somebody that would've played more than 3 games in this 6 game period.

5. G-Train stops short.

Don't stress this one. Gal has carried this Sharks side through a tough Origin period where his team has been without up to 5 stars in some matches. Much to the dismay of many Gal owners he has earned this break and this won't happen every week, we hope. 

Suck it Grubby Roosters @Nick Gibbs.

Saturday, 24 June 2017 00:00

What we learnt: Raiders v Broncos

A game that whilst may have looked exciting from the scoreline, in reality it flattered to deceive.

Matt Gillett upheld the trend of origin stars backing up who have absolutely crushed it. He bagged a double and 75* points after spotting birthday boy Aidan Sezer between himself and the try line on a couple of occasions.

Jordan Rapana was able to get busy and grabbed 46* despite not scoring a try. The comp's leading try-scorer is a viable option at WFB, albeit he can be quite a rollercoaster and around $535k is not necessarily cheap.

The owners of Joseph Leilua (31*) and Nick Cotric (29*) would've been hoping for more given both crossed the stripe. Both players are just below the top-tier outside backs this seasons but have three home consecutive home games coming up which might be enough rope for you to grasp onto.

Finally, Andrew McCullough played the full 80 minutes and notched a respectable 51*. If he can continue to play 80 minutes until the end of the season he could be a good option priced around $485k this week.

*scores noted are prior to any updates and were accurate at the time of writing

Friday, 23 June 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Warriors vs Bulldogs

Simon Says - 60 tackles, zero misses; that's the Mannering we all know and love. 80pts is a just reward for anyone who has kept the faith.

Steady Shaun - SJ keeps ticking along with a tidy 61. 590 kick metres is no surprise given no player has put foot to ball more often this season than the Kiwi sneaky boy. Non-owners could consider him over a second hooker should they not be keen on anyone but CS9.

Mammoth Maumalo; Big Ken put on a dominant display of wing play, amassing 69 points of which 36 came from a barnstorming run from his own 30. Despite a 5RA of 47.6, there's better options at WFB.

Roger to the Rescue - On 12 at HT, and only on 25 before snaring a try from dummy-half to finish on 41. Given he was inches off clutching a SJ snap-kick in the first half for a try, I wouldn't be rushing to trade out RTS given his ability to create something from nothing.

G'Day Graham - Owners of the English Prop would be relieved for the Bulldogs Captain to make it through the game. 41 in 53 minutes isn't anything to write home about, but hopefully for coaches who held him he can finish out the season.

Lastly, round 18 can't come soon enough for Adam Elliot owners. After getting clocked by Gavet in the 46th minute, Elliot did not return and only churned out 24 points for his owners

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