2017 Bye Planner

01 February 2017
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The 2017 Bye Planner can be found at this link http://www.renegadesfs.com/2017ByePlanner/RFS-Bye-Planner.xlsx

This spreadsheet is fully unlocked so you can do what you want with it. If you come up with any cool tricks or additions feel free to share them on our Facebook group.

The Bye Planner is broken down into four tabs.

Bye Planner

This is the simple bye planner.

In the past it has worked on a player drop down box but with players always being added it makes more sense for you to select which team your player plays for and manually write in the player’s name.

Use the drop down box to select whether your player is likely to play Origin.

Use the drop down box to select whether your player is likely to play i.e. if they are injured or dropped

Check your total available players and players at each position.

Advanced Sheet

The advanced sheet works on the same basis as the simple bye planner but it allows you to reflect trades you will make throughout the bye period by changing players for each round.

Just copy and paste your simple bye planner (cells B2:E26) into each of the rounds in the advanced sheet. Then make any adjustments to your side in the weeks you plan to make them.

Check your total available players and players at each position and how trades improve or decrease your numbers. Remember you can’t play more than 17 players so the bottom two rows are the most important lines.

Points over byes

This sheet allows you to forecast how many points you might score over the bye weeks. Enter you score prediction for each player in the cells I2 to N26. The cells will then calculate your score based on what players have been specified as playing in the Advanced Sheet.

If you are looking at some alternative trades you could use the box at the bottom to highlight how many points these trades could gain you.

Bye Sheet

This just shows the byes for each team.



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