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21 February 2017
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The Wing/Fullback position is often the position where most coaches’ fantasy seasons end in the opening rounds of the NRL season. As that roughie who is going to go big this year averages 15 after 5 rounds or that winger that won’t do anything bumps up $200k leading into byes costs you. Injuries to some key players in 2016 sees the Wing Fullback position have some tasty options this year.

Plan Of Attack:

2017 opens a new kettle of fish for the position of Wing/Fullback. With the emergence of many under-priced guns, we will see much of the same at WFB in 2017. In past years often coaches have started with a cut and dry gun WFB, a mid-ranger tipped to improve/who is a former gun and 3 cash cows. Whereas some like to take the risk out of WFB by going 2 guns and 3 cash cows. With the amount of value at WFB this year you will find most coaches going 2 to 3 mid rangers and then cash cows.

James Tedesco ($483,000):

Tedesco is a certified fantasy gun however, his knack of picking up injuries is a major factor for fantasy coaches. You know if he plays and stays healthy he will score well, he averaged 51 points in 2016 from 17 games which included origin selection so it’s not all injury but those who have been around the game for a while know the frustration. With a continually improving Tigers team it’ll be interesting to see where Tedesco's game goes in 2017.

Cameron Munster ($481,000):

Munster nearly found his way into my trap category due to him now moving out of fullback with Slater's return from injury however his only saving grace is him seemingly starting in the halves in 2017. And more and more do we see fullbacks becoming viable options in the halves such as Cody Walker, and Gutherson back end of 2016. Even at the 9s we saw Munster's playmaking ability in full tilt showing he can make a living in the halves in 2017, however questions do have to be asked if him playing second fiddle to Cronk will limit his attacking impetus. If Slater goes down again though Munster will be a lock in.

New Scenery:
Josh Addo-Carr ($305,000):

Addo-Carr is an interesting proposition for 2017. Moving into a Storm backline we know is potent it will be interesting to see if he can become a fantasy relevant winger. Generally, wingers don’t go very big consistently which means he probably isn’t a pickup from the start, however, watch and see for sure.

Dan Sarginson ($244,000):

Sarginson is an unknown quantity to those in Australia as he comes over to ply his trade in the NRL from the Super League. At 244k you wouldn’t want to run the risk. If he bums out in price he could be a nice origin cash out option however as we look into the future.

Mid Rangers: 
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ($286,000):

Tuivasa-Sheck should be in every team created this year, and here are some reasons as to why. In 2015 when at the Roosters he averaged 56 points a game, an out of this world average for the WFB position. However, the biggest reason you have to own him is his price. Due to his season ending injury last year he is priced at an attractive $286,000. And to put that into perspective Nene McDonald is 3k more expensive then him. Lock him in

Valentine Holmes ($301,000):

Holmes is an interesting proposition in 2017 as he faces a position that Tuivasa-Sheck did from the wing to fullback. The question, of course, is can he replicate what RTS did in 2015. With the disappearance of Barba to French Rugby Holmes has seemingly locked in the Sharks fullback spot and those know he is extremely dangerous in attack. He slots into a good-looking attack and is just at the $300k mark meaning he is a good price. At that price, I would risk him as opposed to a Munster and put that extra $160k somewhere else in the team.

Bevan French ($296,000):

French is another similar case to Holmes, with Gordon moving onto the Roosters in 2017 French has seemingly locked down the Eels fullback position. French, unlike Holmes, gave us a short snippet of his ability at fullback with two scores of 50 and 57 last year. The Eels attack is a little less potent than that of Cronulla’s, but those who saw his performances last year in both the NRL and Auckland 9s know he is still quite the attacking player.

Stay Away:

Tuimoala Lolohea ($263,000):

Lolohea had a bit of a flash in the pan last year when he was moved to fullback after Tuivasa-Sheck’s injury, however, he seems slated into the wing position with Tuivasa-Sheck back. Despite his attractive mid-range price he’s too much of a risk

Cash Cows:
Dylan Phythian ($143,000):

The “Python” seemingly has locked down the Knights' Fullback position to at least start 2017. Now for 2016 fantasy coaches, all I have to do is mention “Jaelen Feeney” and suddenly a cash cow Knights' Fullback doesn’t sound so great. However, Phythian seems like a legitimate attacking weapon based on his highlights, both from the Knights recent trial win against Canberra and in his two brief utility appearances in the back end of 2016. Lock him in.

Jarryd Hayne ($200,000):

In probably the most exciting proposition in Fantasy history of this type, Hayne who two seasons ago averaged 62 at fullback for the Eels will start the season at $200k. His late 2016 cameo was rather bland as he acclimatised both to Gold Coast’s play style and the NRL again meaning he starts 2017 dirt cheap and with a full off season under his belt Hayne is the first player picked in every side this year.

Braidon Burns ($138,000):

Burns is one of about three vying for the Rabbitohs winger position. However, Burns got the start in the weekends Charity Shield and scored twice which you would think solidifies his position to get the start round one. The Rabbitohs have a dangerous backline and Burns could make some solid cash if he gets an extended run in the position.

Moses Suli ($138,000)

The Tigers' youngster signed a big contract in the off season and could be in line for a round 1 debut if he can unseat the average Jordan Rankin. 

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