What We Learnt - Sea Eagles vs Dragons

08 April 2017
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1. Jack de Belin train chugs along
JdB had a monster game, playing 71 minutes and scoring a try which lead to 63* points. In a similar mould to Sam Burgess and James Graham, I would to tell you to snap him up but the Dragon's don't have the best bye period schedule. He might be worth holding if you have him but I wouldn't target him until after round 18.

2. Euan Aitken has a fast start
With 51 at half time, many would have been expecting massive things from Aitken. Unfortunately, he didn't score any more tries and was pulled off at the 68th minute mark (he came into the game with a niggle). 60* is nothing to turn your nose up at but 9 points in 28 minutes isn't great either.

3. Paul Vaughan is a PPM monster.
I tried to tell everyone this years ago (just ask K5). He was extremely under-utilised at the Raiders and I bet Ricky Stuart is regretting letting him go. 61* in 57 minutes means that Vaughan has now scored 357 points in 305 minutes this season. Monster stats. Yes, he can keep it up and is definitely a keeper. Buy him when you can.

4. Keep an eye on...

5. It's time to go...
Brian Kelly. I have no idea where he got 13 points from but his time in my team is definitely up. Cash out or upgrade to Aubusson. Yes, I just recommended Aubusson.

6. It's time to buy...
Paul McGregor. Surely Paul Vaughan doesn't make that much of a difference to this team? They are playing ridiculously well this year. Did they spend the off season on Mars?

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