What We Learnt - Storm vs Sharks

09 April 2017
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1. Andrew Fifita finally shows up
62* in 51 minutes is Fifita's highest score of the year and it couldn't come at a better time. Many were becoming disillusioned with his scoring this season but Fifita showed why he cost 601k to start the season. He''ll need to do it a few more times to get his average up but if anyone can, Fifita can.

2. Wet weather footy is good fun to watch
Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't my players dropping the ball but I love a wet game. More tackles, more tackle breaks, more missed tackles (if you're James Maloney). Big points from Cam Smith!

3. Time to buy...
Paul Gallen? He's averaging over 55* and plays 2 of the 3 major bye rounds. I hate him more than anyone but he could be the perfect replacement for Fifita (if he plays Oranges)

4. Time to sell Pt 1...
Jayden Brailey? Tonights 34 will give him a nice bump in price and should lower his BE. He looks set to continue around the 50-55 minute mark but showed tonight he can score reasonably with those minutes. Obviously he isn't a keeper but he could have one or two more weeks in him.

5. Time to sell Pt 2...
Ryley Jacks. With Munster back in the next 2 or so weeks, Jacks time is coming to an end anyway, but he also sat on a sub 30 score until the last 5 minutes tonight. That 36 was very handy for his value but I'll be looking at offloading Jacks to the likes of Hampton or Frawley.

The Hotshot

The Hotshot is a foundation member of Renegades and a fantasy veteran across a wide variety of sports. Known for letting his hair down a little too far at times, he still seems to be able to produce the goods at the right time of year.

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