What we learnt: Raiders v Broncos

24 June 2017
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A game that whilst may have looked exciting from the scoreline, in reality it flattered to deceive.

Matt Gillett upheld the trend of origin stars backing up who have absolutely crushed it. He bagged a double and 75* points after spotting birthday boy Aidan Sezer between himself and the try line on a couple of occasions.

Jordan Rapana was able to get busy and grabbed 46* despite not scoring a try. The comp's leading try-scorer is a viable option at WFB, albeit he can be quite a rollercoaster and around $535k is not necessarily cheap.

The owners of Joseph Leilua (31*) and Nick Cotric (29*) would've been hoping for more given both crossed the stripe. Both players are just below the top-tier outside backs this seasons but have three home consecutive home games coming up which might be enough rope for you to grasp onto.

Finally, Andrew McCullough played the full 80 minutes and notched a respectable 51*. If he can continue to play 80 minutes until the end of the season he could be a good option priced around $485k this week.

*scores noted are prior to any updates and were accurate at the time of writing

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