What we learnt: Titans v Dragons

30 June 2017
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What we learnt:  Titans v Dragons

Check out the action from Cbus Stadium.

1. Titans too good for the Dragons

The Titans proved too strong for the Dragons in the first match on Friday night footy, prevailing 20-10. Leading 10-4 at the break (with two unconverted tries to Anthony Don), the Titans managed to hold off the Dragons in the second half and, in the process, Don crossed the line for his hattrick. For the St George side, Kurt Mann crossed in the 58th minute. With the win the Titans move to 14 points and are in 14th place, while the Dragons remain on 20 points in 6th place.

2. Dragons lesser lights lead the fantasy scoring

Joel Thompson and Leesam Ah Mau, a couple of the Dragons’ journeymen forwards, led the fantasy scoring in this game with 62* points and 61* points respectively. Thompson’s score included 6 Tackle Breaks, while Ah Mau had the second highest tackle count in the game with 45 stops. However, neither are particularly relevant for fantasy at this point of the season.

3. I had a dream ..

That fantasy would one day deliver a consistent option in the troublesome CTR position. And maybe, just maybe, Jarryd Hayne is one such option. Today he scored a pleasing 49* points (to add to his score of 58 last week), and is looking a lot more settled in his favoured fullback position. Hayne is popular among fantasy coaches with 38% having him in their squads.

4. Titans props disappoint

Neither Ryan James or Jarrod Wallace did anything today to nudge their way into ‘keeper’ status. Both players scored 42* points from around 60 minutes of game time. Maybe I’m being harsh, but while those scores are ‘ok’, they’re not going to win you your crucial head to head match ups, first prize in the Renegades ‘King of the Byes’ competition, or anything else worth bragging about.

5. Aitken watch

Keep an eye on Euan Aitken. The Dragons centre is one of the premier fantasy options in that position with a historical average of around 43 points per game (2015 and 2016). Aitken is priced at an affordable $355k, which will likely drop to around $322-323k after lockout. Don’t be put off by his lackluster score of 35* today. He’s quality and is capable of a lot more.

*Scores do not include updates

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