What We Learnt - Sea Eagles vs Tigers

16 July 2017
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Eagle Rock!

Cherry on Top!!

Has taken his origin snubbing in his stride as he continues to navigate his Twin Turbo team confidently in the top 4. Another beautiful performance today, 76*, taking it to an average of 63.5 over the last month has him as a viable option for those SJ owners looking for a good trade in.

100 for Martin Taupau

100 games that is, a paltry 43* for him in the game today, certainly not performing at the level he was a month ago, with all the carnage this weekend I feel like a trade out would be a luxury at this stage.

Aaron emerges from the Woods.

With not too many great options at FRF an old boss has stepped up to the plate, averaging 56 over the last 6 weeks playing extended minutes he is back to his fantasy best. Buyer beware, the Tigers are shit and he's on the way out of the club in a few months.

Tommy T!

Donning a black headband the young pup put in another brilliant performance at Lottoland, if you've expensive taste in the back line this could be your guy with Manly looking as exciting as ever. 60* today and a 54 average over the last month.

Tiger Cubs.

Young props Twal and Eisenhuth have been quite good for the Tigers this year, something for fans to hold onto going into next season. Averaging 45 and 38 respectively these guys are busy and can play.

Quiet Teddy.

48* for Teddy in a quiet performance from him, could be another to look at for those chasing points and needing to trade SJ, a lot would have Munster or Walker in the WFB area to facilitate this.

*Scores do not include updates.

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