Q & A With The Renegade: Round 20

19 July 2017
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Well with the Byes over and done with, injuries starting to creep in it’s now we find out who are the Men and who are the mice. Last week I managed a healthy 1027 which lifted me to a rank of 219. With 4 trades remaining things are looking good. With people running out of trades the questions tend to dry up a little, so my articles will too. I will fill in popular questions in case people care or have trades left.

I am getting Pearce and Smith in the next 2 weeks, who do I get first? Pearce with a break even of 70 against the Knights or Smith after a week off.  Paul Messell

I would lean towards Smith he is likely to be fresh, it also means you can set and forget your captain and will probably get 70 (since I decided not to get him). If you’re wondering about my logic, It is that I got AM9 last week so as long as CS9 doesn’t outscore AM9 by more than 52 then I made the right call.

Watson/Cornish/Lino... which one for cash out for the run home?  Paul Messell

None- at this time of the season why would you want one of these? Your team can’t suck that bad you have to play them. You’re not trying to make cash. You may get stuck with a AE if things go wrong. Get Bucky Fizz or Willy Hypocrite or anyone that is 138k and won’t play.

J. Wallace keep or trade this week?  Junior Thompson

I would be tempted to run until seasons end. He’s averaging 46 in a weak position. In other positions it may be more valuable to upgrade i.e. centre or wing. If you are going to, though, you might as well do it this week. I only hope you are getting Fifita as he is the only worthy candidate.

Heard anything about Curtis Scott?  Richard Mckernan

It will be a game time decision. He wasn’t named in the Storms feeder team. I know our old mate and Fantasy rookie Butters believes he has the scoop and he is not in my team so wouldn’t mind if he’s a no show, but stay by your device to make a late change.

Will Issac Luke take a more leading role with SJ gone?  Mark Affleck

Yes, he will do goal kicking. If you are thinking of bringing him in for the remainder of the season you have issues.

Is trading either RTS / Edwards and Fuimaono for Teddy and Turbo leaving Jayne too sideways? Leaves me with 2 trades for the rest of the year and about 150ishk in the bank.  Shazial Sheikh

It is a little bit. However at this part of the season it’s about putting your best players you can in. Your team must be stacked if this is your worst problem. The Fui trade for TTurbo is golden though.

Cleary, DCE, Teddy or equivalent value 2RF for SJ's spot. Will play in my 17 each week. No extra cash or trades available.  Toby Williamson

I would probably lean towards Cleary, gets his points from KM and goal kicking. As we saw this week also has a few other strings that can be played to go big. I also assume he will provide a little cover for you as well.

I have Reynolds, Norman, DCE and SJ in my halves. Should I trade SJ or hold him? Brenton James Head

It’s a lot of coin to keep sitting for a minimum of 4 weeks, I would look to trade but maybe look to get that cash into another position as you look ok at half. 


Thanks for all the questions, don’t forget if you have used all your trades to enter the RD 20 challenge. Will you try and make cash or loop every week? Let’s go for another 1K this week!



The Renegade

The Renegade is RFS' home grown H2H celebrity coach. Imagine the fantasy love child of Jack Gibson and Wayne Bennett. To extend the analogy, Lone Scout is horrific offspring of Ricky Stuart and himself. @The_RNGD

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