What we learnt: Panthers v Titans

22 July 2017
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What we learnt:  Panthers v Titans



The Titans skipper pulls out a great 67* point effort in a loss at the foot of the mountain. K5 getting another great one here, could be a POD option for everybody needing to trade Surgess if the rib rumours are true.

Cleary the Answer.

The difference in this young guns game when Moylan isn't playing with him is immense. Scraped up a 49* today, most of the points came late once Moylan was forced from the field with injury. Everybody cross their fingers that Moylan may get a rest next week. 

Resetters Rejoice!

Plenty of value buys coming up with points today for those guys starting their Reset teams this week.
Waqa Blake 60*, Morgan Boyle 54*, Max King 38*

How disappointing is the Mansourcoaster?!

After a blistering late start to the season Josh Mansour has not returned a score over 40 in the last month. Probably a luxury trade at this time of the season with players dropping like flies and of course since he's a WFB his scores can fluctuate easily. 23* today 

F*ckin Fullbacks!

Hayne and Edwards brought home scores of 35* and 38* respectively and both went down at different times in the game clutching body parts to keep their owners stressing. These guys both had a couple of half breaks that could've really turned into big scores! Both have favorable matchups next round let's hope they turn it around.

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