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Toovey calls off investigation after shock Manly win

06 May 2015
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In an 11th hour u-turn, Manly coach and hot-head Geoff Toovey unexpectedly called off an investigation after shock Manly win over the Melbourne Storm.

The great comeback performance from Manly, led by rugby league legend David Williams, was overshadowed by Toovey pulling the plug on the ongoing investigation into the poor refereeing decisions against Manly.

Last week's press conference kicked off in normal fashion, with Toovey reading off the same excuse sheet, only to be told Manly had scored in the final 10 minutes to win the game.

"It was a convincing win from the boys. The accidental extra $500 left in the referees' changing room has done the trick," Toovey said.

"I was happy the way they let us slow up the ruck speed, and penalised the hell out of the forever cheating, dirty Melbourne side.

"The conspiracy against Manly is still very much alive, but in good faith I have called off the investigation as a result of the win."

The press conference was finished off by Manly's 18th man, Michael Chee-Kam, after doctors immediately became concerned Toovey was concussed following his unexpected move to call off the investigation.

After assessment, Toovey was ruled to have suffered concussion, and won't be available to take up his seat in the coaches box this week with an uncharacteristic drop in blood pressure and stress.

Toovey was whisked away on the medicab, but is expected to make a full recovery, and order an investigation into the failings of the first investigation.

The resources put aside for the original investigation won't be wasted, as Craig Bellamy has launched his own investigation.


This is obviously satire...don't sue us, Geoff


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