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Renegades Eliminator - The FINAL!

The moment is here. After 11 weeks of hard work, injuries, Origin surprises and trade after trade, we finally have a winner for the 2017 Renegades Eliminator! 

It all came down to Anthony Reynolds and his team RNGD tigersharks pRt up against Liam Doyle and RNGD Elbanditos.

First, lets have a look at the players that both teams contained: 

No surprises here with most of these guys easily considered keepers. Interesting that both guys were running both Leilua and RTS but when it comes to the CTR and WFB positions, trading at this time of year really is a luxury.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty. Unique players. This is where it all counts.

Anthony used the loop hole to full effect on his vice-captain Paul Gallen, benching Jason Taumalolo which meant he actually came out of the 'same player' stakes ahead, but with Liam's captain still to play.

As it turned out, Liam also had a good captaincy option in Simon Mannering but he couldn't quite match Gallen's effort meaning that Anthony would maintain a slight advantage.

From here it was POD central and I guess you could say that in the end it all came down to the fantastic Friday night effort of Nathan Cleary who set a new NRL Fantasy record of 126 points, and pushed Anthony Reynolds and his team RNGD tigersharks  pRt to victory! Congratulations to Anthony for winning the inaugural Renegades Eliminator and taking home that cool hard cash!

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We have our finalists!!

In both match ups, the losing sides left points on the bench and will rue their selections.

Liam D and his team 'RNGD Elbanditos' managed to overcome the poor score of Jason Taumalolo as captain to claim victory.

We now look forward to Round 19 for the Final! 

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Monday, 26 June 2017 00:00

Renegades Eliminator - Round 6 Results

Only four teams remain in the Renegades Eliminator.

Steve N and his team 'RNGD Analytics' got a free pass through to the semi-finals when their opponent removed the 'RNGD' tag from their team name.

Liam D's 'RNGD Elbanditos' had a strong week and managed to pip Alex's RNGD Kooking by two points. Hard luck Alex, better luck next year!

Anthony R and 'RNGD tigershark pRt' pipped the Fantasy Menace and occasional RFS writer Brett P by 31 points.

The Renegade had a crushing victory over Logan L. When the top score of the week comes up against the lowest, it's not going to be pretty.

Here are the results.

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Monday, 19 June 2017 00:00

Renegades Eliminator - Round 6 Draw

With all your players having a rest last week, it's time for the quarter finals in the Renegades Eliminator!

Because I am such a nice fellow, I have had a quick perusal over all the teams and it looks like - pending some horror injuries in game two of Oranges, or some strange team lists - all of our top 8 will be running 17 players this week.

Unfortunately, one of our final 8 teams has been eliminated due to changing their team name so that it no longer contained a 'RNGD' or 'RFS' tag. As per the rules, this team is immediately removed from the competition.

May the best fantasy coaches win! Here is the draw; 


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Thursday, 08 June 2017 00:00

Renegades Eliminator - Round 5 Draw

The remaining 16 teams will have no excuses this week as all their star players return to the field.

Who will progress?

The Round 5 draw is below.


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Phew, aren't you glad that round is over! With the majority of us scoring less than last week, Round 13 was absolutely BRUTAL. Especially with all the late team changes. I personally had Smith, Graham and MWZ all lined up to play so it's safe to say my score was very underwhelming.

As far as the Eliminator contestants were concerned, there was a wide range of scores ranging from a rather weak 502 to a normally average 761.

We're now down to 16 teams left and with no NRL teams on a bye this week there are no excuses what so ever.

Here are the results;

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 00:00

Renegades Eliminator - Round 4

With a week off for one of the major bye rounds, the Renegades Eliminator returns this week with the round 4 match ups.

We're down to only 32 remaining teams. Things are definitely heating up.

Remember that you must keep the 'RNGD' or 'RFS' tag in your team name for the entirety of the season to claim the prize.

Without further ado...

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The third round of the Renegades Eliminator has come to a close with only 2 of the top 20 seeds remaining in the competition. This just shows that one bad week does not make a season.

The accolade of lowest seed remaining in the Eliminator goes to Steven Wilson. His team RNGD Steven's Tigerzzz was seeded 219 out of 256 qualifiers and now finds himself in the final 32!

The closest match of the round came between Liam Doyle and Hux Soloman with Liam's RNGD Elbanditos getting home by 1 point 865 - 864.

At the other end of the scale, Isaac Scaysbrook's RNGD Scaze romped home to the biggest win of the week, defeating Brian Cressy's RNGD Vulcan Logic, by a whopping 158 points, 925 - 768.

The highest scoring match up of the round was between resident family man Glenn O'Callahan and relative newbie Angela Herrero. The final score leaned the way of the lady (#GirlsOnTop), 914-867. Unlucky Glenn!

For the lowest scoring match, neither player managed to crack 770. Richard Hartles - part of the brilliant Fantasy Fallout podcast - just managed to hang on to defeat Jeremy Hall, 767-762. That's nothing to be proud of Ric! 

Before we get to the full results, a reminder that there will be no match ups this week as it is the first major bye round of the year. How many players have you got?

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 00:00

Renegades Eliminator Round 3 Draw

Below you will find the draw for round three of the Renegades Eliminator.

Three of the four teams that were requested to come forward last week have done so but the fourth, RNGD Pizza Guy, was a second team and removed from the competition.

With the first major bye coming next week we will have a break but that is no reason to rest on your laurels! Just look at how few of the top seeded teams we have remaining!

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Friday, 05 May 2017 00:00

Renegades Eliminator Round Two Draw

With the first round of the Renegades Eliminator springing some surprise results (no bigger than yours truly being eliminated!), we are happy to bring you the second round of fixtures.

Make sure you set your lineups right, that $500 is edging ever closer!

Want to lay down some epic burns on your opponent? Head over to the Facebook group.

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