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Q & A With The Renegade: Round 20

Well with the Byes over and done with, injuries starting to creep in it’s now we find out who are the Men and who are the mice. Last week I managed a healthy 1027 which lifted me to a rank of 219. With 4 trades remaining things are looking good. With people running out of trades the questions tend to dry up a little, so my articles will too. I will fill in popular questions in case people care or have trades left.

I am getting Pearce and Smith in the next 2 weeks, who do I get first? Pearce with a break even of 70 against the Knights or Smith after a week off.  Paul Messell

I would lean towards Smith he is likely to be fresh, it also means you can set and forget your captain and will probably get 70 (since I decided not to get him). If you’re wondering about my logic, It is that I got AM9 last week so as long as CS9 doesn’t outscore AM9 by more than 52 then I made the right call.

Watson/Cornish/Lino... which one for cash out for the run home?  Paul Messell

None- at this time of the season why would you want one of these? Your team can’t suck that bad you have to play them. You’re not trying to make cash. You may get stuck with a AE if things go wrong. Get Bucky Fizz or Willy Hypocrite or anyone that is 138k and won’t play.

J. Wallace keep or trade this week?  Junior Thompson

I would be tempted to run until seasons end. He’s averaging 46 in a weak position. In other positions it may be more valuable to upgrade i.e. centre or wing. If you are going to, though, you might as well do it this week. I only hope you are getting Fifita as he is the only worthy candidate.

Heard anything about Curtis Scott?  Richard Mckernan

It will be a game time decision. He wasn’t named in the Storms feeder team. I know our old mate and Fantasy rookie Butters believes he has the scoop and he is not in my team so wouldn’t mind if he’s a no show, but stay by your device to make a late change.

Will Issac Luke take a more leading role with SJ gone?  Mark Affleck

Yes, he will do goal kicking. If you are thinking of bringing him in for the remainder of the season you have issues.

Is trading either RTS / Edwards and Fuimaono for Teddy and Turbo leaving Jayne too sideways? Leaves me with 2 trades for the rest of the year and about 150ishk in the bank.  Shazial Sheikh

It is a little bit. However at this part of the season it’s about putting your best players you can in. Your team must be stacked if this is your worst problem. The Fui trade for TTurbo is golden though.

Cleary, DCE, Teddy or equivalent value 2RF for SJ's spot. Will play in my 17 each week. No extra cash or trades available.  Toby Williamson

I would probably lean towards Cleary, gets his points from KM and goal kicking. As we saw this week also has a few other strings that can be played to go big. I also assume he will provide a little cover for you as well.

I have Reynolds, Norman, DCE and SJ in my halves. Should I trade SJ or hold him? Brenton James Head

It’s a lot of coin to keep sitting for a minimum of 4 weeks, I would look to trade but maybe look to get that cash into another position as you look ok at half. 


Thanks for all the questions, don’t forget if you have used all your trades to enter the RD 20 challenge. Will you try and make cash or loop every week? Let’s go for another 1K this week!



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The Renegade Q&A - Round 18

Well the curse definitely reversed and bit me in the bum this week! With McGuire taking a trip to Disneyland and JBrom dying, my week and Eliminator was doomed. I rallied late to score 874 and drop back to 223 yet still lost the Eliminator. That pain is set to be multiplied this week with my 9 players pre-trades being reduced to 7 with injuries to Brown and Whare. So I will hold on for dear life this week and then go marching home with an all but set team.

Need to ditch 1 of these WFB's to bring in DCE. Edwards, Calker, RTS, Gutho or Slater..  Jason Tavares

Slater as he misses 2 weeks, you also get a nice trade out price. You will still need to flick one next week I assume? If so Gutherson may be done!

Thoughts on a starting Tyrone Peachey at centre worth the gamble?  Matt Seymour

It’s a gamble all right, but anytime you gamble you want to know what the odds are, and endeavour to get them to favour you. Peachey to me is a longshot, I would favour a Dylan Walker or obviously TTurbo. Picking a player that has a utility role is dangerous. Remember Cartwright can’t be far away, that will force a shuffle and Peachey may be back to the pine.

With most of my "inspired" bye planning players either playing Origin now or injured, is it worthwhile just forgetting this weekend and planning to really smash next week with an ultra gun team?  Paul Baker

Cue the Jim Reeves classic, “Welcome to my World”. Good question. Yes is the simple answer. As an example you have a choice get Merrin this week or cash out player X bank cash and get 138k player that scores 15 this week and never plays again. Next week use that money and get Mannering Lolo etc.. you will get the Mannering points all season and not left watching an inconsistent Merrin. In saying that if you see a gun you term a genuine keeper then get this week ie Kapow.

Looking to trade out Graham this week. Is Tolman the best way to go? Martin Michea

He is solid, plays big minutes but probably doesn’t have a 60 or 70 in him. I would hope you already have Kapow and it might be better to wait a week and get Fifita.

Is Munster a sell now he has two weeks off? He usually scores less in a full Melbourne squad.. is McGuire still a borderline keeper?  Tyler Weymouth

Yes Munster is a sell for me, looking at Manwhore or Moylan. Yes Mcguire is a borderline keeper if playing him at prop and he doesn’t get knocked out.

Best cash out this week?  Jaymie Dunlop

Join the queue, I can’t see any cash out scoring more than 25. Keep an eye out for last minute team changes.

Where can a steal/find/beg/stab/shoot people for more trades?  Shannon Bouguerra

I have something you may be interested in - private message Reece William Brown - if that doesn't work, try Patrick Windred.

Cotric > TTurbo or too sideways? I have 9 trades left and ranked 74th trying to get those extra points to hold rank.  Paul Messell

It will be worth around 80 points and will also give you DPP. Line ball but in your position points on the board are better than not. Keep up the good work.

Currently running with Fifi and McGuire who's the must have frf for the run home. Going 2 trade HSele and some other cash outs got every other position with heaps of cover and currently 11 trades.  Sonya Wirihana

With 11 trades you have done well, I may look at switching Mcguire to Kapow but other than that it’s a pretty sweet front row.

Thoughts on RTS to DCE? Would mean my halves will be SJ and DCE with lolohea 18th man. And my WFBs will be Munster, Calker and Edwards with Mitchell 19th man. Will leave me 4 trades  Stephen Gregory

Sound and Looks good to me.


Well I am avoiding curses now so may all 10 of your players score well. Don’t forget to use the loophole and roll on next week. Thanks for all your questions.



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The Renegades Q & A - Round 17

Well a reasonably solid 881 has seen me shoot up to 165! I don’t want to brag but my team is STACKED for this week and my hardest decision is who to leave out? Hayne and Lolohea look like warming the bench, although Hayne may get a late call up. This bodes well for the Semi Final of the Eliminator competition. Luckily, my voodoo on players I do not have seemed to pay off as Vaughan limped off. I might throw a name out at the end of this week’s injury curse I want to impart.  Special mention to Shoayb “look at me” Khan, I am happy to help. But this is a question and answer, you post a question, I copy and paste then answer. Buy a prop and sell Yeo. But you would prefer to get attention than listen to advice so that advice is probably worthless.

What to do with Vaughn thinking of trading him out to someone then trading Brailey to friend is that worth the two trades or should I cash out Brailey and upgrade my second row forward and run with 1 gun hooker.  Matt Seymour

I like Andrew McCullough as a hooking option to end the season, so upgrading Brailey to him would be an option. The only must have FRF at the moment is Kapow! With Fifita to be brought back later.

Who do you see as final centre positions?  Richard Mckernan **Shoayb Khan take note**

I do not see any must haves, except maybe TTurbo I would hold any centre that is averaging above 35. Centre’s are so flukey that you take what you can get and save the trade.

Who should I get rid of out of Cotric, Hayne and Moga? Alternatively, keep the lot and save a trade trying to get some cash for a gun frf.  Scott Wirihana

I wish you could hold for another week, Hayne worries me he only scored 58 with 2 tries last week. Your right one has to be dumped, I will say dump Moga. Bennett may give him the Hunt treatment. You have to upgrade your FRF!

 Is it better to have 2 hookers or 3 bench 2rf's?  Martin Auditore

There are 8 2RF averaging 54 or above and 3 hookers doing this. I would lean towards the 2nd Hooker option as the 6th ranked 2RF is averaging 57 and the 2nd Hooker is averaging 60, plus it provides injury cover if your other hooker gets injured/suspended/rested.

Is it a good idea to run out of trades asap to focus on charity work?. Reece William Brown Tree

I assume you are referring to a famous strategy called the Marg technique. You burn your trades early to keep your fantasy team relevant and inside the top 2k so that the people stay in your lounge and you’re not left with no friends and a bunch of useless algorithms. Or short answer NO!

Should I bring in L Brown for Hunt as a cash out and playing centre this week or cash out Graham and upgrade Hunt to Turbo?  Mark Brown

I do not like the idea of playing Lewis Brown, but I like the idea of using him as a cash out and having him as a number in the coming weeks. I also love the idea of upgrading to TTurbo. Without knowing your other positions, read between the lines and boost your own decision.

What to do with Graham?? Already have Fifi and Kapow as my other front rowers and $119k in the bank and 8 trades left so ideally trade a set and forget for rest of the year... was going to get Vaughan as my last front rower but he's broken too. Wait for him to come back and then just swap for graham or get someone in now? Reserves are McInnes, Gal, Surgess and Hayne/Cotric/Loloheia/Fbrown if I don't trade and rest of team reasonably solid.  Ross Cranston

Yeah it sounds like if you trade Graham it’s for trading’s sake only. You have cover this week so at least hold till a better option appears. If they are my reserves I might cash out one of those WFB/CTR to Lewis Brown and sit on a big wad of cash and look to complete your team post origin with someone then. It also gives you numbers in the coming weeks.

Cameron King a decent cash out for Kaysa? Running one hooker (McInnes) until round 20 then trade to Smith. Paul Messell
Or go Roache? Daniel Schwamm

Both are good cash outs; however, King may have an extra week or two in him. If upgrading is a possibility I like this option as AM9 is averaging almost 60 so you sort of need him anyway.

Merrin or Taumalolo?  Luke Greenhalgh

On surface you say easy Lolo, but you may think Merrin plays every game. Lolo will still make 100 points on Merrin based on averages. Also, Merrin is a mid-ranger, Lolo is a must have.

 Is D. Edwards a keeper in your books or should I eventually be turning him into a gun half via Munster/Walker?   Marc Wells

I passed on him and he is burning me every week, luckily, I hear that Cartwright isn’t far away and that could finally get him demoted. Until then I would hold.

 Who to start between Cotric, Hayne, Fuimaono, BJ or brown?  Todd Allan

Similar problem, Fui is a lock (ok 2RF but it kills my pun). Am leaning towards BJ as Cowboys love to rush and this could mean Tackle Busts and Dragons should defend better on Hayne. But it’s a coin toss over those 2.

Thanks for all the questions, some are a little repetitive so read the whole article if your question was not answered.  This week I am putting the curse on Mansour or Edwards, maybe a collision under the high ball injuring both ala Steve Waugh Jason Gillespie. Shout out to my boy K5, chin up and much respect.


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The Renegade's Q & A - Round 16

I want to start the week off by publicly bagging Mrs Renegade! It’s bad enough I didn’t pick Crichton, but thanks to going out for dinner I was too late to loophole Taumalolo’s 80 costing me another 20 points. That will be the last night out she gets in the League season. Despite this it left me with a solid 805 and continuing to rise to a more than respectable 230 in the ranks. Good news for this week is with a full team and still 12 trades left, things should continue to trend in the right direction.

I have sweet FA trades remaining - do I just go for broke and hope for the best?  Mark Jessup

I always like to hold 1 trade, it keeps fantasy relevant. Otherwise if you have to keep burning trades and then boast like 'I was once ranked…' and neglect to tell us your final rank it’s a strategy I heard that in a lounge somewhere.

Should i trade Walker? And if so Edwards, Teddy or Tom Turbo? Tyler Weymouth

It appears a lot of people have a lot of potential keepers at WFB. This appears sideways, with trades running short I would rather hold trade and treat Walker as a keeper. In saying that you may be short of numbers, if so get TTurbo, he can play centre and will be a keeper. Teddy gone for this week.

 Thoughts on any players currently outside top 5 for avg points in their position who'll turn it up for the business end of the season? Any current guns who you see flopping?  Matthew Anthony

Matt Moylan has averaged over 50 last 5 games and is revelling in the playmakers role. Look for him to move up. Cameron Smith to decrease his output, not to be average but lowering it enough that you could risk not getting him back in your team. He’s averaging 62 now I predict he will average 55 for the remainder of season. I figure he will get some rest before finals and probably play some in the halves.

 Whare a good cashout option ?  Paul Messell

I wouldn’t put the house on it! (wee joke for our kiwi brothers) Yes you are paying 8k for someone that might get you 40 points in 2 games when you need a little cover. People will worry about AE at seasons end, if you are taking an AE then you have issues anyway.

Playing overall. What round is best to bring CS9 back in?  Josiah Orr

RD20 but if you have cash could I tempt you into going AM9 now? Based on averages AM9 would get more points from now till the run home. Factor in the answer I gave above and it may be more. With Ben Hunt out of favour it looks good that he will play 80 minutes till seasons end.   Dale Roberts hope this covers your question.

 Teddy, is he essential to use a trade to bring in to your team for the run home if you already have 3-4 wfbs scoring 40-50+ each week?  Sam McLeod

No, I am sure that trade would be more valuable somewhere else. His injury proneness and playing for the Tigers are also reasons I wouldn’t be busting a nut to fit him into my squad.

Which out of a gun forward, gun half or gun WFB is the best to have. Looking at either JWall for Fifita, or Suli for a gun half or gun WFB. JWall is in my res while Suli is like 20th man. Jason Tavares

I would ask myself which position has the least guns? For me I say HLF with Pearce and SJ averaging 57 the drop off to the next level is 10 points which is quite the drop off.


With the Final 8 in the eliminator this week I wish severe injuries on all players I don’t own. Although maybe I should just wish that they make the origin team as this seems to rule them out of playing for their clubs. Remember when Syndesmosis was the fashionable injury, well it appears the Gallenitis is this year’s fashionable disease for rep players. This has changed things with Billy and Smith both missing. Have a good week!


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The Renegade's Q&A - Round 15

Well signs look good for the run in, last week I scored a solid 986 and jumped into rank 325. With trades in the bank and a solid foundation it will be pedal to the metal as I boost my way home. The only slight glitch is this week when I look like maximizing 15 players.  In further good news I smashed my eliminator and am in the final 8! With the week off this week it will be a good week if I can hold rank.

Slater to Surgess or Sione Mata'utia to Surgess?  Matt Seymour

Kick Sione to the curb, that’s a must do trade! Thinking of trading Slater is crazy talk, he is averaging 45 and has gone from cash cow to potential keeper.

 If Cam Smith backs up next round is it ideal to bring him back or wait till Round 20?  Paul Messell

As I too am in a similar predicament, my advice is also what I will be doing. Wait till week 20.The game he plays in against the Roosters if it becomes a blowout look for him to be benched or play in the halves. Just a tip for young rogue rookies make sure you don’t run out of cash or trades!

Hoping to get Galenl in for Stone. Would you trade Cotric out or Moga?  Fa’a Tau

Nice trade, I would trade Cotric! Wingers tend to get less chances and Moga has real nice base stats. It’s rare for wingers to be genuine keepers.

Slater and Wallace a trade?  Luke Adams

Wallace yes not a frontline keeper in a position that has a lot more players averaging higher that play more games. Slater I would hold as I see him a potential keeper in a weak position.

 McInnes. Is he a must for this round? CS9 or McCullough trade out?  Paul Baker

For one round? Hopefully not. Yep maybe bench CS9 till round 20 then switch out AM9 and get the great man back in your team.

 When Moylan gets dpp is he worth it? Nick Gibbs

Are you high on NSW juju? Is he worth his status a dpp? YES if you play the games you get dpp. Or is he worth trading in? Of course, but trade him in as a WFB which he already has. His last 5 games he has a 50 point average. Also this question has no relevance this week! PS keep pm’ing those NSW teams.

 Thinking trading Milford to Lolohea until tigers have next bye then hopefully he has made enough coin so can upgrade him to Pearce after origin. Crazy idea?  Jake Carter

It’s a punt I took last week, sadly he looks a little lazy and overweight. Maybe with Brooks there to lead the team he will perform better, he has quick feet which is good for tackle busts. I think a straight switch to Aren or Munster would be better as you will get more points and save a trade. If you are playing overall.

 Matthew Eisenhuth. Cash out, cash cow, or Trap A/E later on in the year?  Logan Burnside

Cash Out! Just a bit of advice, all the high scoring players are 2rf’s, so at seasons end I will be aiming for 6 2rf’s. Not some 24 year old journeyman that I cashed out on to get 16 points in week 15.

Thoughts on trading out Mannering for Taumalolo? Mannering has been nothing short of awesome this season but with two byes to come I feel if I don't jump on Taumalolo I could really suffer. Other options are Merrin?  Ted Grant

The concerning thing is that Manners has been getting rested and his good scores involve a try. It’s a trade for me, to miss Lolo could just hurt too much. Merrin, wash your mouth out, the dude is heart and ass broken.

Should I get Nathan Brown this week or have I missed the boat? Richard McKernan

He would be a very low end keeper or 18th man and playing Week 15 and 18 I hope you have cover for the other weeks. If not you could have some  Steve Nicholls sea sickness coming your way.

Which one out of CWalk or Gutho would be the best to keep for the run home, potentially 18th man.  Jason Tavares

Walker all day, Guth is getting the Aubo role and just filling gaps. Even if he gets the FB job I would still back Walker to lift and average ok coming home.


Thanks for all the questions. Don’t forget to loophole this week and hope that your opponent’s team gets filled with injuries.




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The Renegade Q & A - Round 14

Well with a solid 693 I only lost 50 spots and managed to stay inside the top 500. No thanks to a big hairy red head pulling out late, really it’s a society problem as well though.  For once I will give props to my nemesis Lone Scout who scored an impressive 814 to take a 20 point lead on me. This week is a full round and a good score a must if you want to be a contender. Panic selling Smith last week forces me to play captain roulette this week.

Is Cody Walker a keeper in the halves? I was planning on shifting him to WFB but MWZ being dropped scuppered my plans. Ted Grant

Not ideal, but hey I am sure at seasons end people will have Milford/DCE and their average is very comparable. I am sure you can make an opening and have him as a WFB where he almost becomes a gun.

Is it worth spending the extra cash in the backline for POD's this year? Seems like everyone is running the same mix of FRF/2RF to a degree eg Lafai/Hopoate Rapana/Mansour.  Dean Langford

You want to use your cash to get as many points as possible. Don’t look for POD’s for the sake of it. If they gun it people will just bring them in, if they go at average then you will lose ground. In saying that Rapana/Mansour would be fun to watch.

Munster in for Cotric?  Matt Seymour

Don’t hate it, your team must be going pretty well if your comfortable trading a 38 point WFB. 72 points for 1 trade or running out of trades and having to run Abbey last 2 weeks??

Is upgrading Abbey to Semi a silly move if it gives me 17 for round 15?  Paul Messell

I love these boasting questions! Sweet move you should move up the ranks in round 15.

Which centre do you rate as a "must have" for the run home? Michelle Moore

Whoever you pick you must stick with! People have to learn to stop burning trades in crap positions. I like TTurbo when back, I like Croker and the Black Widow is great value and if players could stop getting injured he would play 80 minutes in the back row every week and average 45. On average Jimmy the Jet would have to be in the mixer to. #girlsontop

Kapow, Merrin or JDB. Better option to run home with?  Jason Tavares

JDB great base stats and most consitant. The Kapow the the Slug.

Who would u keep if u had to Elliott or Bodene and yes Elliott would help me out in rnd 18 which I need badly?  Lamo Penishands

Can’t you sell them both? If not hold Elliot, but please don’t tell me it’s for the rest of the season! If it was then you have to hold BT.

Hayne and BJ viable CTR options?  Patrick Hewitt

Hayne needs to go boom this week or he will be done, fullback should help. Hold a week. BJ is a viable option but he is a rollercoaster, don’t come out boasting when he scores 70 because he might just get 7 the week after.

What to do with Cotric/Suli if Croker is your other keeper centre, and you plan to cash one to fund Brailey > CS9. Hold Cotric until Tturbo/Aitken are back or target someone sooner rather than later for byes + the run home? Lachlan Angus

You sound like the kind of guy that want a cheap reliable centre to pump out 40’s each week mostly from base stats, I think you would be suited to a Blond with Brown eyes who likes beach walks and romantic dinners. The only thing is you can’t be arachnophobia. Say hello to Mitch Aubusson. Sell Cotric and I’ll chuck 12k in to the mix.

I have Munster in the halves, and need to get another to partner him. My options are C. Walker, ARey, DCE or Cleary??  Anthony Baldwin

ARen, with his goal kicking and general KM he should outscore the rest.

Keep or trade kaysa? Nathan Dengate and Harley Ngaau

Settle down lads, hold at least till the bye periods are over. He plays all those big rounds. Maybe just strap a mattress to his head so he stops getting knocked out.


Thanks for all the questions, with me winning my Eliminator battle last week it puts me into the Final 16. There are some murmurers out there that say I shouldn’t be eligible, I say stop crying and beat me. But for those in the PC brigade I will donate my winnings to charity if I survive to the end. Till next week save a trade and wish injuries on all your opponent’s players.


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Q&A with THE RENEGADE: Week 5

After my best week so far, an 873, I have ascended to the top of the “Celebrity” ladder. I want to make it known that any “celebrity” that can’t finish inside the 2k mark should hand in their badge. I am looking at a certain margarine type person that is currently ranked 12k. But there's a long way to go and with DCE going down this week it highlights the need to keep conserving trades when you can.

Q: Would you be trading DCE to Parcell to ride his price rise?  Noah Harrison

A: Buying Parcell if you have a gap at hooker is a must, with Buhrer injured and Koro covering in the halves he is an 80 minute certainty and also look for some added kicking meters with DCE out.

Q: Is now the best time to buy Fensom? Matt Pluck

A:With a BE of 60 you can wait another week, but Fensom is reliable and if you have the cash you could get him now.

Q: Milford or Mbye? Steve Nicholls

A: Missionary or Doggie? Both are good! If you were to make me pick I would go doggie, I mean Mbye. He has more kick metres and slightly less reliant on the big plays. I also expect Hunt to lift shortly.

Q: How many trades should you have before the bye rounds? Stefan West

A: As many as possible! There is no golden number, each week before you trade ask yourself, will this help my team? Then think in Round 24 if I run out of trades am I happy running Jaelen Feeney.

Q: Considering bringing in Surgess from FRF to 2FR and bringing in Brenton Lawrence to FRF, otherwise should I save a trade and wait for Paul Carter to return? Aaron-Paul Swales

A:Carter looks to have been made to pay for his errors. This looks like a solid move and for 1 trade the upside is worth it.

Q: How long does Garvey have left, and is J.Niko ripe? Ben Morrish

A: Hopefully until Peats is back, sadly I think 1-2 weeks. I just hope that Des doesn’t include him Monday night and screw us all. J Niko is ripe however is undersized so not very tasty. Spit him out.

Q: Time to get rid of Lewis Brown? Simon Stafford

A:Was it ever time to get Lewis Brown? Centres are a problem so if you dump him look for someone to stick with for the season. If I could get a solid 35 that would do me. Aitken anyone?

Q: Cashies to look out for heading into the byes? Bowen and Holland come to mind... But who else? Daniel McDaniel

A: Brad Abbey, Harlan Alaalatoa, Rod Griffin, Ben Hampton (in preferred position and losing money at the moment), Javed Bowen are my Top 5 I may get the team to do a specific article about it.

Q: DCE a trade? And to Jdb or Milf? Alfio Tropea

A: JDB better byes better base stats and not so reliant on big plays.

Q: RTS in this week? Aharon PA

A:Patience, under the Warriors structure he is averaging 37, $400k is a lot of coin for 37. Of course he will get better, but better to see it and then buy, rather than buy and then hope!

Q:Is Manners still a keeper on the edge? Cornelius Taniue Talagi

A: When Bodene returns he will be back at lock, till then he will still pull 50’s. I love you guys that get jittery when a gun has a quiet game. You run out of trades and I pass you in Week 23.

Q: Straight swapping DCE to Milford worthwhile? What other gun halves are worth a look? Tim Ross

A: SJ has nice stats without busting out his yearly 90. Milf and Mbye have both been explosive. Hunt is similar to SJ in that he's scored well without one of his massive games. With Origin coming up I don't see JT as an option. 

Q: Dugan or JDB. I can afford one which is the better option? Glenn O’Callahan

A: One is injury prone and going to play Origin, the other has a man bun. In a rare case the man bun ones.

Q:Is it worth getting off the Garvey train and trading for Parcell (H2H only)? Grant Beeching

A: If you don’t trust Des, then yes. If you confident Lichaa aint coming back hold. I will be holding.

Q: Is picking up Parker now a bad move considering his Origin schedule? Jade Stirling

A: Yes, there are enough performing 2RFs playing over Origin that having Bennett do you over isn’t worth the stress. Fensom, JDB, Taupau etc.

Q: Who are you going to curse into injury/suspension this week after using your witchcraft on DCE last week? Cameron Smith? Brenton James Head

A: I proudly take ownership for this, for the record I cant afford JDB this week, so I might just curse all 3 letter acronyms. Hocus pocus, higgledy piggledy where do I find some star of anise???

Q: Woods, Fifita and Merrin. Started the season with these previous guns but all are underperforming, hold or sell? Jacob Fischer

A: If these are you major problems your travelling ok, the only one I would look at flicking is Merrin.

Q: I need to either cut Grant or Evans. Grant has a BE above all of his previous scores and isn't making cash. Evans has been moved back to the bench and mid 30s seem to be where he is at. Can only drop 1. Which one and any thoughts on who to bring in? Damien Spann

A: I would drop Grant, you may find Evans running at tired forwards may be more productive. Lawrence in and next week flick Evans and try and get a gun in.

Q: Is Ryan James a keeper? Ben Birdsall

A: NO! he is one step below Mitch Aubusson.

Q: Is Dugan worth getting? For overall his byes and Origin aren't good. His current price is good and would be a great center option for your final team. So is it worth getting him as his price is good now or flag him as he doesn’t help you over bye period. Scott Barnes

A: He is injury prone and will play Origin. He is cheap but for me not worth the risk. Especially if you watch the games your blood pressure will rise rapidly as he stays down after every run.

Q: I'm hearing a lot of people considering trading Smith out for Parcell. Keen to hear your thoughts on this, especially the added problem of finding a new Captain and the effect/impact that extra dynamic might have? Craig Pashby

A: It would be moronic to trade Smith out! I too hear the murmurs about Smith, but with a average of 57 it is simply crazy to trade out such a reliable player.

Q: What to do with Carter? A lot of people getting rid of him this week. Phillip Field

A: I would hold even with that BE of 19, he would cover this from the bench. I wouldn’t put an R on him though. If not in the starting team next week, it would indicate his goose is cooked.

Q: What to do with Cartwright? Any cheapies I can trade him down to , so I can beef up my bank cashing out J. Saifiti to guns etc?Jason Tavares

A: Cartwright owners have been a little unlucky and you should probably hope for a consistent run. There are no great trade downs.

Q:What to do with Benry, Scott, Leuliua solid team with this a weakness. Lee Whiting

A: Lucky Sod! I would leave them, no point wasting a trade if you have a strong 17. If an OBVIOUS cow appears you could trade but otherwise save the trades.

Q: Would bringing in J Saifiti now be missing the boat? What about Cody Walker? (Asking for a friend) Joel Huey

A: A player of your caliber should know that it’s never too late to get on a cash cow train but I would of thought you were aware that Sims is due back in a couple of weeks.

Q: Who to get in first Munster or RTS? Damo Lenehan

RTS just but as I stated earlier maybe wait a week or two.

Thanks for all the questions, I hope it helps and I want to see more RNGD tags representing at the top of the leaderboards.

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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 11:00

Q&A with the Renegade: Round 2

Everyone felt the pain this week, but remember pain is temporary glory lasts forever! The million dollar question is can it be rectified? But with the top score only being 918 even the poor old RENEGADE is only 227 behind. And just like last year leading Lone Scout!

Gallen to Bodene? Would he play close to 80 minutes like last year? Jason Tavares 

Yes Thompson will play close to 80 minutes once match fit (he had most of pre-season off with injury) I don’t see him as a great option to average 50 as Mannering steals a lot of the tackles. In that price range I prefer Tapau or Wade Graham.

Is Carter a must have with all the news out of the Rabbitoh’s this week? Sam Carter  

No…but a -4 BE is going to make you some good coin. A player more than capable of pulling out a penalty ridden, error laden, missed tackle burdened 20 will not be gracing the RENEGADES team this week.

Is Garvey a good switch for Lichaa owners? Will Morton   

In games last year when a Hooker played 80 minutes, only twice did they score under 30. So it’s hard not seeing it work provided he gets some good minutes. Just hope Lichaa doesn’t go to a Fiji doctor and return in 3 weeks.

Thought on J Trbojevic? Thomas Masaglio

RENEGADE likes and he is in a race to make my team, his shift to Lock is interesting will get more minutes but will also be down on tackles. He looks a bit like Cartwright and might have some offloads. If not urgent wait a week to see how the position switch goes.

Ben Henry is my only injury should I trade him now? Richard Mckernan   

Only if you can trade for a decent cash cow otherwise save your trades, no one ever regrets saving trades.

What about Friend for Sege or Lichaa? Paul Baker    

Ouch! I hope you didn’t have both, even with Henderson playing he still got close to 80 minutes. Look for an improved Roosters pack and some run and kicking metres, not the worst option, but there’s probably better.

Sege to Garvey or Whitehead to Carter? Ellz Cronan    

We’ve covered Garvey already. Whitehead will learn from his first NRL run and if not I will hit him up on twitter about just putting an arm out and collecting missed tackles the same way Mrs Renegade collects shoes.

With Snowden dropped from the Knights 17 and both my hookers injured should I cut my losses with Snowden and trade one hooker or punt both my hookers and hold Snowden?  K5    

I empathized with your predicament. This is brutal. Who you trade out probably depends more on who you want to trade in and what combination of those trade ins is most urgent and/or going to score the most points. With there still being some uncertainty around Garvey maybe it would make sense to trade one hooker to Peats and Snowden to another forward you like, then next week you can trade the other hooker to Garvey if he looks the goods or go in another direction if he looks the goods. We know K5 he loves a cashie or a POD so I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

So let’s hope we get some normality this week and things turn around. Special mention to the Renegade Godfather whose question I failed to post but YES was the answer. Have a good week and remember for answers to all your fantasy questions, I’m back next week. You can always get a fix from

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Thursday, 04 June 2015 10:00

The Fantasy Hotline - Round 13

It's me, it's me the RNGD here to help solve your fantasy woes. This week Nathan Brown, Tuimavave and a lot of questions on second rowers.

I have traded in Nathan Brown but should I renege on the deal? Steve Nicholls 

Yes you should. At least wait to see the Rabbits team list. They play the Warriors on Saturday night so provided you aren’t trading out a player from the Broncos, Sea Eagles, Tigers, Titans, Knights or Raiders hold tight and make sure Ben Lowe doesn’t bump him to the bench or out of the 17 entirely. Brown has looked good in the last two games but it is debateable whether he is ahead of Grevsmuhl in the pecking order and this will be relevant with Adam Reynolds likely to bump Sutton back to second row very soon and Glenn Stewart returning in a month. Proceed with caution but he is a useful looking cash out.

Tuimavave's job security? Kane Johnston

Hard to say. He will get bumped the moment Mullen or Roberts are fit but the timing of that is very uncertain. Mullen is listed to be back in Round 15-17 but rumours continue to swirl that he might be out for much longer. Roberts is listed as Round 16-18 but high ankle sprains can be troublesome. The best case scenario for CT would be that he plays Round 13, 15, 16 and 18 which is a pretty decent run but neither of the big byes. Really this is all about expectations – do you mind paying overs for a player that ends up as a cash out with DPP? Perhaps if he played 14 and 17 but without them it seems like a waste of effort.

Tohu Harris to Lolo this week? Harris has been scoring low 40s and losing $$$ and a break even of 59 this week. Lolo has been on form and cheap for end of year keeper at $358k. Thoughts? Marshall Guy 

In my opinion that is a sideways move. Harris still plays 80 minutes and it won’t take much for him to be scoring 50’s and is a strong chance to average at least 45 for the rest of the year. Lolo’s mood can change quicker than a RTS step and if it does he could end up scoring a lot like Harris is now (see the first three games of the season). I think Lolo should average about 50 over the rest of the season and when you consider Lolo will play one less game (for H2H and overall) that means he will score something like 15 to 30 more points than Harris. That isn’t worth a trade.

I'm low on trades (14) and playing overall. What would you do with CP13? Burn two trades to keep the points rolling in? Or hold and pray uncle doesn't pull the same shenanigans in round 16. HAAAAALP! Noah Harrison

Firstly don’t panic. Secondly Parker is a hold. You should be able to replace Parker with a reasonable scorer in both Round 13 and if it comes to that Round 16. You are pretty much saying a Parker replacement would score maybe 30 points more than cover that is already on your team so 30 to 60 points. No way is two trades worth that much.

Should I bring in woods or ET this week? H2H. David Button

If you are playing H2H Taylor is the guy you probably want to get. Woods will miss your H2H game in Round 18 whereas ET will be playing them all. ET has had a poor injury history in recent times but he’s been a tackle machine lately and there is no reason to see that changing.

Thoughts on Jackson playing 2RF? This effect his scoring? Sean Compton 

I’m not sure who this is in reference to. Josh Jackson has been in the second row pretty much all year anyway.

Is Ethan Lowe a keeper ahead of ET or Fensom? Ryan King

I presume you are asking which one to get, if you are asking should I trade Lowe to ET or Fensom then the answer is hell no.

They are all in that second tier of keepers who are pretty hard to split but I would rank them Taylor, Fensom then Lowe for a reason this table simply demonstrates:



Remaining byes

Remaining Points







14, 17




14, 18


There are other intangible factors you might be considering such as ET and Fensom’s recent injury history, Fensom and to a lesser extent ET might not retain their minutes (of course on the flip side if Fensom does then his average could be much better than his season to date) and finally Lowe will cost you less than Fensom or ET. But after factoring those things in I still think ET, Fensom then Lowe.

For H2H the order is Fensom, just ahead of ET and both are a long way ahead of Lowe.

Thoughts on O’Neill to Hastings and SST to Lolo? Ryan King 

Hastings is a glorified cash out who might score ok in Round 14, that could be fine depending on the rest of your team. O’Neill sucks so no issue at all with getting rid of him.

Tauks isn’t a keeper so again I have no issue moving him on, although it would be ideal to do it after Round 14. He might have the opportunity to score well that week whereas Lolo will be sitting at home in Townsville doing nothing for your fantasy team.

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Thursday, 16 April 2015 10:00

The Fantasy Hotline - Round 6

Daniel Borrow – I was thinking about trading Lichaa to Smith, do it now or wait a few weeks?

Lichaa seems to be coming under fire from a lot of coaches this week. It’s always worrying when you get 27 points from a hooker. But, the general view is that you should hold him, for now. But, most of that advice from the Writers is geared towards playing Overall. For H2H coaches, moving towards the guns sooner rather than later is a good strategy, and Farah is not an option because he misses rounds 12 and 18.

Steven Henderson – Thinking about the bye weeks is doing my head in. What's the minimum number of players that fantasy coaches should be looking at taking into the bye weeks?

Mostly I give out H2H advice, but I can link you to two excellent articles explaining the importance of bye rounds to Overall coaches. First, “Bye Planning 101” details the general strategy, and “Who will make or break you in byes?” lists the players you should get in and who to avoid. 

The number of players you need isn’t really clear. You could have 17, but have 5 terrible players who score you 50 points collectively. A more reasonable number I have seen quoted is 13-15 good players. A score in the high 500s is probably going to be par. Of course, it’s hard to know this far out. 

Rikki Ringrose – Hold or trade Sue now? Is Kata to Blake worth it this week? Is Ryan James a sell?

Yes, yes, no. Sue is dead, unless you want to squeeze a few extra points out of him over the byes. Kata is peaked, and chances are he will be out of the team in the next few weeks. I think James still has some points in him, but you have to be patient. He has a BE in the 30s, so he shouldn’t lose money this week.

Hari Rao – Hold or sell Sue? When origin comes around, will he be a force?

As I said above, he should probably go. He won’t boom over Origin unless there are some serious injuries to the Tigers’ pack.

James Abraham – A lot of people have Ryan James and he's just about peaked, who should we be looking at next. 

James has just about peaked, but could be hold for a few more weeks. I will be focused on turning James into a solid gun, with good byes for H2H, like Fifita, Gallen or Merrin. I already have Bromwich, who I would recommend. For Overall coaches, I’d target players like Taupau, Gurgess or Graham.

Daniel Long – Sam Williams, contender or pretender? I'm loving the look of those base stats.

I’ll admit I haven’t even looked at Sam Williams’ base stats, because I won’t have my heart broken by Ricky Stuart again. After the irrationality of dropping Cornish, I have absolutely no faith that the Raiders’ coach won’t drop Williams, even during this run of good games.

Matthew Leslie Bethel – Is Champion -> Bird a good trade, considering it would make Coote NPR for me, or would I be better of with the trade and money up my sleeve?

This is a really tough call without knowing the full squad, or if you are playing Overal or H2H. But, my gut tells me this is a good trade. Bird is still making money, and Champion is a terrible Fantasy option. Sure, having that good player in your NPR is frustrating, but it may save you a trade in the future as you can ride out short-term injures more easily.

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