Dear Warriors Management: A Letter from a diehard fan

09 August 2017
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Dear Warriors Management

I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to spend more time with my family. Another year that we can plan a September holiday. The reality is that it became apparent early in the season that my favourite team was bound for mediocrity.

With the appointment of Stephen Kearney, I was hopeful that he had grown and learnt from his experience with the Eels and would be a good fit for the club. I became concerned early when I noticed that statistically we were down on offloads. To be truthful it looked like we were being moulded into a Storm pattern. This potentially is a sound strategy; however, we are lacking the three future legends of the game to implement and run this system. To be fair Kearney inherited the squad so maybe this will be rectified with time. With no key signings (other than Melbourne Storm Harris) it seems illogical to progress down this path. If I had a team of 1 legged players I certainly wouldn’t form a running or kicking strategy, I would be more likely to favour a passing strategy.

So back to the offloads, why do I see this as a key component. The majority of the Warriors squad is Pacific Islanders or Kiwis. If you watch a park game or even the junior grades it’s the throwing the ball around with the happy go lucky attitude that is prevalent. The spectacular pass or unbelievable offload gets the endorphin levels up, which allows players to inhibit the pain receptors. This has benefit in attack and defence. The opioid effect also has benefit mentally on players as well. Our style and natural panache for offloading would be complemented with some super competitive players. Australians generally have a more competitive spirit, whether that be from their strive for freedom from the convict days or the well-honed competitive attitude that leads them to under arm bowling or the sheer desire to get up and make one more tackle ala Jonathon Thurston.

My other concern is the way you treated Manu! A legend of the club and it was a nice evening when he was sent off. Why was he not playing?? I understand that he represented a fair chunk of cap space, but again MANAGEMENT offered him the original contract. Let’s be honest you weren’t replacing that cap space this year, so why not give the impression that Manu was leaving on his terms and let him play out the season. Unless a player is head and shoulders better all it was doing was saying that our club places no value on loyalty. Can you Imagine Shaun Johnson now thinking well if they did that to Manu they will do that to me! Next contract if he takes another offer elsewhere I certainly won’t lay the blame with him.

With four rounds to play, I ask for more transparency, more passion, more signings but most of all, I just need HOPE that I won’t have to go holiday with my family next September. And if I do it better be to Sydney to see the mighty Warriors raise the Provan Summons Trophy.