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What We Learnt - Titans v Knights

Well, that was interesting. All those that thought the Knights overhaul was happening - not yet. The Titans really showed them how to play today. 

As far as fantasy points of note;

- Jarryd Hayne looks good when he wants to get involved. Two tries and 46* fantasy points today and he's definitely one to look at. He played at left centre and whether that was Neil Henry's own decision or one that was proposed by Laurie Daley is another question. He played well and will still be good value next week at around $235,000.

- Sam Stone got the start and played 69 minutes on the way to 52 fantasy points that included the Knights sole try. He'll make some hefty cash with a break even of -2 meaning he should increase by about $40,000 this week.

- Nathan Peats played his second 80 minute game in a row and has averaged 48 in those two games. He scored bang on his 46 breakeven* and should be a possible NSW Oranges selection (perhaps as utility) so he probably doesn't have much fantasy value as yet.

- Kane Elgey, 40* points. I shit you not. Not, I will shit you. Look for yourself!

- Baa-bye Lamb. For real. No turning back. He was going great at half time but he sucks.

- Ryan James scored 57* with a trademark try. Last year he would have scored 70+ in those circumstances. He does have a 3 match average of 61 so perhaps things are looking up for the Titans captain.

- Jaelen Feeney reminded us why he is so widely cursed. 5* measley points. Konrad Hurrell tried to kill him a couple of times. We might be better off if he had succeeded (Not really, I would never wish that upon anyone. Okay maybe not anyone, but definitely not an NRL player I have never met).

- Jarrod Wallace went off for an HIA and didn't come back on. His PPM was also down compared to normal.

- Mata'utia also went off but he managed to come back and miss a few tackles to finish the game.

* Before updates.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Sharks vs Titans

An exciting game at Shark Park, no, Remondis, no, Southern Cross Group Stadium was not so the same for NRL Fantasy coaches.

While the game see-sawed back and forth, neither team grabbed any real ascendancy and this led to some rather disappointing fantasy scores.

Andrew Fifita (38*) was kept in check for the majority of the game and the Titans seemed to spread it just wide enough to avoid the Fifita Flop regularly.

Jayden Brailey (29*) was another who failed to impress. While he made 37 tackles (plus 4 missed), that was the sole source of his scores with no points for run metres, kick metres or any attacking stats whatsoever. After last weeks effort, I for one was definitely expecting another positive outing and was left wanting a lot more.

I'd like to know if its standard for hookers and middle forwards to score lower than usual against the Titans. This is definitely something I could find out but I'm far too lazy for that.

Let's look at some positives though.

Paul Gallen (58*) continues to impress and will increase in price to just under $540k after this week. He'll play two of the three major bye rounds (12 & 15) and is a definite buy (provided he doesn't play Oranges... the rumour mill is turning).

Jarrod Wallace was, once again, the main benificiary of injuries to the Titans forward pack with Grevsmuhl and McQueen both succumbing. This seems to be the norm in the Titans pack and I'd hazard a guess that it will continue for the remainder of the season, meaning Wallace is basically a keeper that you picked up for less than $300,000 (just like CHN or #KaufusiTackle).

Another benificiary of the Titans injuries was Ryan Simpkins who scored 51* points in 72 minutes. If he can secure the lock role and an increase in minutes, he could be a handy cash maker through the bye period.

Jarryd Hayne returned to form with 38* points and is definitely a cheap option at WFB. He spent part of the game playing in the halves with Tyrone Roberts shifting to fullback and I can see that change continuing as it was only once Hayne was in the halves that the Titans scored a couple of tries. Unfortunately the Titans have the worst possible bye schedule, missing rounds 12 and 18 meaning he's not a great option unless you're willing to sit on him. At $200,000(ish) it wouldn't be the worst thing though.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017 00:00

Final Team Lists - Sharks vs Titans

Big outs for both sides (not so much for your fantasy teams) with Kane Elgey and Luke Lewis ruled out.

Cronulla Sharks 

1. Valentine Holmes

2. Sosaia Feki
3. Jack Bird
4. Ricky Leutele
5. Kurt Capewell  
6. James Maloney
7. Chad Townsend
8. Andrew Fifita
9. Jayden Brailey
10. Matt Prior
14. Jayson Bukuya 
12. Wade Graham
13. Paul Gallen

15.Chris Heighington  
16.Jeremy Latimore  
17.Joseph Paulo
19. Sam Tagataese  

Gold Coast Titans

18. Jarryd Hayne
2. Anthony Don
3. Dale Copley
20. Konrad Hurrell
4. Dan Sarginson
1. Tyrone Roberts 
7. Ash Taylor
8. Jarrod Wallace
9. Nathan Peats
10. Ryan James (c)
11. Chris McQueen
19. Kevin Proctor (c)

13. Ryan Simpkins

12. Chris Grevsmuhl
14. Karl Lawton
15. Joe Greenwood
17. Leivaha Pulu


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Friday, 14 April 2017 00:00

What We Learnt - Broncos v Titans

1. Jarrod Wallace is unbreakable
Despite the constant injuries in the Titans forward pack, Wallace just keeps on trucking. Last week showed what will happen to Wallace's minutes and scores if the Titans pack remains on the field but that looks very unlikely to happen. You may aswell hold him because he'll end up playing 80 minutes sooner rather than later.

2. The Broncos hate Tautau Moga
Coming off a stellar 51 last week I played Moga against the weak Titans expecting a 30+ score. What I saw appalled me. Every time the ball came left, it got as far as Milford, or Boyd, or Thaiday and that is it. I know I have said this before but Moga could be a keeper at centre if only the guys inside him would give him more ball.
3. Anthony Milford sucks.
I don't know why people insist on picking him for their teams. 'Ben Hunt is out, he'll score more points!'. Just, no! Milford is what every Warriors fan wishes Shaun Johnson was - A complete and utter ball hog. You Milford owners are god damn lucky that Ash Taylor can't catch. Eurgh
4. Kodi Nikorima
Okay, props to those that picked him up. Good score. Nice try. But if you didn't play him in your 17, whats the point? And why on earth would you have him in your 17?! I'll prefer to save my trade and upgrade Lamb to Reynolds (or Pearce) just before Oranges.
5. Keep an eye on
Nathan Peats. He didn't play 80 but he also has 0 match fitness. I look forward to his price dropping as his minutes increase (hopefully) to 80. 
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Friday, 14 April 2017 00:00

Final Team Lists - Broncos v Titans

For the Broncos, it's the same changes as last week with Ese'ese and Glenn starting, pushing Sims and Thaiday back to the bench.

For the Titans there is just the one change revealed last night with Hurrell out and Sarginson in.

1. Darius Boyd ©

2. Corey Oates
3. James Roberts
4. Tautau Moga
5. Jordan Kahu
6. Anthony Milford
7. Kodi Nikorima
16. Herman Ese'ese
9. Andrew McCullough
10. Adam Blair
14. Alex Glenn
12. Matt Gillett
13. Josh McGuire

8. Korbin Sims

11. Sam Thaiday
15. Tevita Pangai
17. David Mead

1. Tyrone Roberts 
2. Anthony Don
3. Dale Copley
20. Dan Sarginson
5. Tyronne Roberts-Davis
6. Kane Elgey
7. Ash Taylor
8. Jarrod Wallace
9. Nathan Peats
10. Ryan James (c)
11. Chris McQueen
12. Chris Grevsmuhl
13. Ryan Simpkins

14. Karl Lawton

15. Max King
16. Paterika Vaivai
17. Leivaha Pulu

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Saturday, 08 April 2017 00:00

Final Team Lists - Titans vs Raiders

Big changes for the Titans with Proctor, McQueen and Greenwood ruled out. Tyrone Roberts comes into the side at fullback pushing his cousin to the wing and Daniel Vidot to the bench. Karl Lawton starts at hooker with Simpkins moving back to the bench. A shuffle in the back row sees Chris Grevsmuhl and Max King come in for the aforementioned Proctor and Greenwood. Morgan Boyle will make his debut from the bench, being joined there by Paterika Vaivai.

For the Raiders, Joe Tapine comes into the starting side at lock pushing Sia Soliola back to the bench


19. Tyrone Roberts 
2. Anthony Don
3. Dale Copley
4. Konrad Hurrell
1. Tyronne Roberts-Davis
6. Kane Elgey
7. Ash Taylor
8. Jarrod Wallace
14. Karl Lawton
10. Ryan James (c)
13. Leivaha Pulu
15. Chris Grevsmuhl
16. Max King


5. Daniel Vidot
9. Ryan Simpkins
18. Morgan Boyle
20. Paterika Vaivai


1. Jack Wighton
2. Nick Cotric
3. Jarrod Croker (C)
4. Joey Leilua
5. Jordan Rapana
6. Blake Austin
7. Aidan Sezer
8. Junior Paulo
9. Josh Hodgson
10. Shannon Boyd
11. Josh Papalii
12. Elliott Whitehead
17. Joe Tapine


13. Sia Soliola
14. Adam Clydsdale
15. Luke Bateman
16. Clay Priest


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